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Give up

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Literally had enough of this chronic pain now. Had my morphine increased again 2 weeks ago it really helped last week taking my pain score down to like a 6 out of 10. Now this week my pain is back upto its usual 9.

I literally dont think I can carry on fighting anymore. I give up. I dont even know what I want from posting I just need to vent to people that understand. 😭😭😭

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Hi Livvi so sorry to hear you are in a lot of pain, sounds horrendous. Do you have Endo as well as other medical conditions? I have been on morphine and for me it’s the only thing that helps with the pain x

Hi AllthatGlitters, thanks for the reply. No I just have endo and its now causing debilitating chronic pelvic pain. Im just sick of it being so painful. X

I really feel for you.

I can’t say anything to make it better, just hoping it will pass for you or you find something that relieves it.

A while back I had about 6-8 weeks of constant pain, took so many painkillers continuously and barely helped.

It gradually faded back to just between ovulation and period every month.

I’m not diagnosed but everything points to endo.. I’ve had strange ‘flare ups’ like this for years, has yours been continuous? And for how long?

Do you think you could have something else going on?

Take care

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livvi_livvi in reply to vmagpie

Thanks for the reply vmagpie.

They think its just endo. I have had continuous pain for about 3 years really ever since they put me on prostap to stop my periods. Until this year though it was just a constant ache which would then flare up at times to worse. Since about February this year I have been in constant agony. I have tried various different things including a nerve block but all have been unsuccessful. My gynae even tried me off the prostap but it turned out that was actually helping the pain as without was even worse than this. X

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vmagpie in reply to livvi_livvi

Bless you, I had the coil to stop some symptoms, but had developed (possibly) an adhesion or endo in my csection scar so getting lots of issues now.

It’s such a tough thing to deal with.

Wishing you well xx

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livvi_livvi in reply to vmagpie

It is so hard to deal with. Especially when noone understands unless they have it. Xx

Hey Livvi. What is your daily pain like? Not the worst flare ups but the daily stuff. I ask as my current situation is 2 weeks severe endo pain and then the rest of the month constant back pain, sciatica and moderate for me ovary pain. Lots of adhesions, ovary stuck down so it could be that and I'm being investigated next week for if my endometrioma has grown. NSAIDs have damaged my stomach lining. Dr was suggesting prostrap and gabapentin nerve blocker as all cerazette has done is prevent the most horrific blacking out and vomiting pain but it's making me bleed constantly for 21 days a month. Out of desperation I tried cbd oil oral drops - nothing. The last few days I've been using a cbd topical balm and I've been gobsmacked by the results. Problem is I need it all over my lower back, hips and abdomen for it to help so I'm going through a ton of the stuff. I'm not exactly hopeful for it helping during my excruciating flare ups but I am so shocked how much it's helping with my daily grinding pain when tramadol, 30mg codeine and NSAIDs have done nothing. Really worth trying the cbd balm and you can get cheap samples from Love CBD or CBD Brothers sites if you message them. Early days but so far it's meant I can get out and see people with lower grade pain in the back ground rather than being trapped in bed getting very depressed. Xx

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livvi_livvi in reply to poppy75

My daily pain is usually about an 8 or 9. Its agony and has been since February. Ive tried Gabapentin but had to be taken off it due to side effects now awaiting for another appointment with pain management. Im very wary of using cbd due to the lack on longitudinal studies on its effects because of the other medication I take. Im currently making a decision about hysterectomy and oophorectomy aswell as a further excision surgery and will discuss in november with my gynae.

Thanks for the reply. X

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poppy75 in reply to livvi_livvi

This is the thing - everything I've tried medically for endo has caused something else. I was going to try gabapentin but I'm worried about it effecting my blood pressure (been on meds for that for 20 years due to danazol). I'm open to but also wary of trying anything due to what I've already experienced. Maybe the cbd oral oil just didn't suit me or all the meds prevent it from working. God knows but I'm certainly sticking with the balm for now. New hospital appointment next week then hopefully pain management and BSGE endo centre so just have to see how that goes. It's exhausting trying to find something that helps when you're constantly in pain. Good luck with your appointment in November. I hope whatever you decide you get some relief. It's a really hard way to live xx

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livvi_livvi in reply to poppy75

Yeahh I understand that and I am glad you have found relief from it. Good luck with your appointment too. I am lucky that I have been under an endo centre for the past 3 years. (Although the pain management consultant is not good at all).

Thanks yeh i hope so too think im gunna go see my gp again and discuss with them further. Xx

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