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Good news ...but also surprising news 😲

Hi ,

Would like to share my news from today ..

A 58mm complex cyst was found 5 weeks ago on right overy .

I'm a 58yr lady with hysterectomy full one in 2004 ..due to severe endometriosis.

Just had right overy left ..

Had a mri scan for the cyst ..

Been to see the specialist for results today ..

The tumour is not cancerous..No cancer tissue found

Which is fantastic news ...sooo happy ..

But very surprised that the cyst was endometriosis..

It's taken 13yrs to grow its ugly head ...

I have been having pain but bearable ..no way did I think at 58 it would come back ..

But have been on HRT ..


Due to me having so much surgery in the past..2 sections, tv t x2 hysterectomy ECT..too high risk

Could also see old Endo deposits on scan ..on bowel n pelvic area too .,

So watch n wait now ,which to be honest I'm happy with that

Go back to have a mri scan..in 6moths to see if any changes or growth ..

So booked a holiday now week away in sunshine in September

Thankyou for listening ladies

Tilly x

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Hi Tilly , I ve just had both ovaries Fallopian tubes and cystic masses removed thankfully all clear for me now too . I am the same age as you and had been using HRT this was taken away from me so without this and ovaries crashed into menopause !!

I have endo clinic next Tuesday I am shocked too ,,,

Enjoy your holiday xxx

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Òh wow so sorry to read this ,

It's terrible isn't it Christie..you would think at our age we would be Endometriosis free .

I really hope you don't suffer with been thrown into the menopause...

It can be a terrible time ...i had zoldex and prostrap injection 6 months ..

It seems so long ago now ..at the time I wasn't using the computer so felt very alone ..but this site is fab ..jus t to write down your story ..

Good luck to you too hope all goes well at your appointment..let me no how you get on

Love n hugs

Tilly x x

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To be honest the relief as everything was benign was wonderful I think the issue is keeping it that way ...hope all goes well for you too I ve had many surgeries in my time too including a pregnancy in the abdomen !!!!

What it is to be a woman eh x

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Ooh yes 😂 my thoughts entirely..as I often say ..im coming back as a man 😜 next time .

Oh certainly...its been awful the wait ..could of kissed the specialist today ..but it's a worry thou isn't still having the endo after menopause as it could ..turn malignant..but onwards n upwards for now 😊😊 x


Yes I agree the wait both before surgery then waiting for results was agony ,,,it's been a difficult year my son was diagnosed with leukaemia last sept had stem cell transplant ,,,he's doing well now . Have you spoken to specialist about this issue i.e. Menopause and malignancies it's not easy to find much info on this .


Hi ,

I'm sorry to here the news about your son .

What a shock that must of been ..especially when it's one of your children.

So pleased he is doing well ..and he continues to do so ..

The pain n worry must of been unbearable for you ..

Big hugs ..x

No I haven't addressed that subject..about menopause and malignancy..i did have a few question with the consultant but not about that..

I do no that in post menopausal women , endometrial cancer is a higher risk than in pre menopausal...

On one of the other sites called( Overcome ) on this "health unlocked " ...is a great n inspiring site and some wonderful stories..from ladies with cancer n living with cancer ..

May be someone on there might of had endometrial cancer ..who could offer advice ..

Just a thought ..

Hope today been a good day ..

Tilly x x


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