Don't give up

I it makes me so sad seeing so many women saying that they've given up on trying to battle this disease. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger...And throwing in the towel isn't the answer You just have to find things in life that make you happy and that you can accomplish while battling this horrible disease. We need to fight and we need to take our lives back.


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  • Them words are so true xx

  • Thats very true.... Its tough making it through the dark days tho! xx

  • True...but chronic pain blocks endorphins and other hormines that help keep us cheerful, so no wonder we feel low sometimes! In my case, constant pain /deep aching means I can't enjoy even the simplest things (like walking my kids home from school) because all I can think of is getting back home. And once there, I feel restless and cantt do the simplest tasks without wanting to lie down.

    If anyone is dithering about having surgery - like me!-I was told recently by a doctor that feelings of depression are an indication of the need for surgery...

    Still, there are good days, too, when I feel positive and optimistic and that's when I realise it's not weakness or true depression - it's the disease! And I believe I'll find a better way to deal with it eventually, be it surgery, a new drug, menopause...

    Hang on in there everyone. It has to get better!!!

  • Nice one Hun. You are right we have to keep fighting. Xx

  • Well said- it does get better. Like any life changing event it doesn't necessarily get better but you find ways of coping with it that make it more bearable. That's not say what us endo ladies go through is minor but there is often light at the end of the tunnel. Keep talking to those that have gone through it- it does help!

  • Yeah I agree, some days are tough but I find ways to manage most days - best things I've found so far are changing my diet, exercise, probiotics, doing absolutely nothing when I'm too exhausted and my hot water bottle!! xx

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