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Failed Mirena Removal

Hi lovely ladies.

I need some advice, after non stop problems from my mirena, My GP finally said, you've given it a good enough go, enough time has passed for us to know its not going to settle and agreed to remove it, except that she couldn't, she couldn't find any strings... we know its in there because I've had an ultrasound to check.. I've been referred back to the Gyne at hospital. Does anyone have any experience of this? why aren't they there? what happens next? do i need more surgery? I feel so exhausted from problems and pain, and being poked, prodded, I just feel so bad, i can't stand the idea of another operation. any advice on what is going to happen of in any of you can share similar experiences, I'd be very grateful, i need to calm my anxious brain!!

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Hi, I've had this problem. I think they sometimes move out of position. It didn't cause me any particular problem, but I believe it can be painful. The gynaecologist got it out for me during a hysteroscopy. I was unconscious so I don't know exactly what happened.

I hope you get it sorted soon!


I had this same issue. My GP tried to remove it but couldn't, then the gynaecologist tried to remove it but couldn't due to my level of discomfort when they tried so I had to have mine removed under general anaesthetic. Unfortunately I didn't have a positive experience with Mirena at all but I know some ladies swear by them. Never again for me xxx


My mirena coil was great for six months and then somehow it moved. The pain! My gp couldn't find the strings and wondered if it had fallen out!! I was referred for a scan but the wait would've taken me through xmas and I couldn't bear it so I paid £240 to go privately. The gynaecologist whipped it out in seconds. After that the pain lessened but never truly went away. Now I think the coil was masking symptoms of endometriosis maybe. I'm waiting for a laparoscopy to laser the patches away. I've agreed to have the mirena coil put back in. But I am a bit worried. I was on depo injection for years and no problems at all.

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