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Back to back pill

Hi everyone, am new to this and have spent a while looking through old posts. I've recently been 'diagnosed' with endo though I haven't had the laparoscopy. I was told that the op could cause internal scarring and since there's no cure for endo then there was no need for it at this point. Instead the doctor wants to reduce the number of periods I have so that I have less pain and bleeding (I also have iron deficiency). I have been told to take the pill (Marvelon) continuously. They said some people might break through and when this happens to stop the pill for 4 days then start again. Apparently some people break through after a couple of months but for some people it can be 6months - 1 year. Has anyone else received this advice and have you found it helps with endo? Thanks in advance

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Yes the pill does help as it stood your periods therefore minimising the pain. I dídnt have any breakthrough bleeds.


so some doctors believe that endo grows during menstruation and therefore stopping ur period will stop endo growth. i've also heard that a good surgeon can lead to minimal or no scar tissue development. i was lucky enough to see a specialist in only endometriosis. the best in america. he did my surgery. taking the pill back to back was a post op option for me. i'm currently on it and have been since october. i stop it every 3-4 months not because im breakhrough bleeding but because i want my body to have a break. periods are much less painful after surgery. not sure if it's bc of the surgery or pill or both. all the best!


I'm on Brevinor combi pill, I've had Laproscopy last year for a big cyst removal and had endo taken out, I was then told to keep taking the pill continuously, they didn't say it would stop it completely nor did they say it would work it's all trial and error I think but it's definitely reduced symptoms and slowed the growth of endo, I am still getting symptoms but no where near as bad as if I was having periods, it's not a complete cure but it is helping me manage it.


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