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Running combined pill packs back to back

Hi all, I was wondering if any of you were told by your gyno to run the combined pill back to back with no breaks? 

My GP was never happy about this but of course I wanted to listen to the specialist. The gyno wants to suppress my possible endo. I have been doing this for 9 months and had one break through bleed, but I have been experiencing lots of side effects from each different pill. 

I was on various combines pills from the age of 17 right through to my late 20s and never had a problem, other than towards the end my periods started to become painful, which was why I was referred to a gyno. 

Has anyone else experience side effects from the pill later on in their late 20s/early 30s? And yet had no problems before. So I worry that this is because I run pills back to back. My gyno tells me my body may have changed including my hormones. Thank you x

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Hi, I had (most of) my endo removed a few weeks ago and have been put on a combined pill non stop for the next 6mths to keep it at bay. I was so reluctant to do this because I hate fake hormones and taking pills. I listened to her though because I'd rather take the pill with the moods and bloating then have my endo flare up again. Hope you get the answers you need. X 


Hi Anna, thank you for replying! You are my first as this was my first post, I joined today :)

I have been on 4 different pills since August 2015 and had no luck. Mostly the issue was acne!! I am so frustrated as I never had problems on the pill for 10 years. 

Right now the pill was my best option to suppress my painful periods (possible endo) but now I am back to square one as I came off the pill 2 weeks ago.

I would definitely listen to the specialist and see how you go as the pill is the best way to stop endo becoming worse, so if it works for you that is great!

Can I ask, where you are with children? As I don't think the laparascopy is an option for me just yet because the gyno doesn't want anything to jeopardise future pregnancy for me.

Thank you x


I'm getting married next month and we're keen to crack on with a baby soon after that which always explains my issue with the pill so the compromise was for me to take it for 3 mths non stop to suppress then try immediately after that because pregnancy will help with the endo. My consultant is also an obstetrician so she's really focused on helping us have a baby when it's safe to and the laparoscopy was done so that we could. The only was a lap could harm chances is if the endo is diagnosed during a lap to be in a difficult place meaning removing it would cause issues with fertility but the diagnostic lap itself does no harm at all. Hope that helps? X 


Hi Kelly,

I've been on a couple of different pills over the years to keep my symptoms at bay but after 2 years my gyno decided to do the lap (last Wednesday), and I feel quite relieved he did as he found a number of thick adhesions. I'm hoping my symptoms will improve, although it's a bit too soon to tell at the moment. 

I'm 26 and currently don't want children, but I definitely do in the future. My doctor is so lovely and talked through all of this with me and thought it was best to do the lap to prevent it developing and causing more damage. Just something to discuss with your gyno and consider maybe? Xxx


Hi, This was suggested to me to do, I got to about the 3rd pack and had a break through bleed and my GP told me when this happened to stop them for 7 days to have a period, it was one of the worst periods/bleedI had. I usually did 2 packs back to back as I figured out that was ok for me and I liked to try and control when my bleeds would happen i.e not be at work as I can hardly walk/function with the pain. However it was like my body knew it needed a bleed so I would be crampy, moody and just generally urgh like before a period. I would also suffer from constant back ache but as soon as I stopped taking my pill it seemed to ease. I hate that feeling of you're going to bleed at any minute. 

I'm in the same boat the gyno is reluctant to do a lap so I'm now trying out the coil, currently had it 2 weeks. I had a bleed once I stopped my pill but I would say it was as painful as normal but I knew not to expect wonders in the first weeks. However when I went to get my assessment for my coil the family planning lady wasn't impressed that I had been told to take my pill back to back, I really think it depends on your doctor. 

I've also been on the pill for 13 years and only had these issues in the last 3 though. 


Hiya hunni,  before I got diagnosed with endo last Feb I was taking my pills back to back anyways because I could not deal with the painful periods, I was told many times by doctors and nurse to have a break at least every 3 months, since my lap I have been told by my consultant to take my pills back to back if it helps me. I haven't had a break on my pill now for a year and 2 months, last break was when I had my diagnostic lap, was back on the pill within 3 days due to the pain from bleeding,

Not having a break has subsided most of my symptomsbut I do still get pain, painful bowels, bladder, during and after sex, pain in my back and ovaries pretty much the norm just not as bad all the time, I still have pretty bad flare ups but I would say the pill has helped me but now my symptoms are getting worse and harder to deal with, even been on the pill,

I have my lap to remove endo on the 6th of May and have to stop my pill 2 weeks before which I'm dreading, took my last pill tonight so the next 2 weeks are gonna be hell for me! Really not looking forward to it. I'm on combined pill microgynon xxx

Message me if you wanna chat xx


I'm also having the mirena coil fitted during my surgery so I'm gonna give that a go and see how it works for me, hopefully will help me but we will see xx


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