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Symptoms despite being on the pill 😩

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I’ve been on the contraceptive pill for just short of a year now, following IVF that exacerbated my symptoms. I’d previously been on it some years ago for many years, which worked to control, in fact probably masked, my symptoms. I was only diagnosed with endo once I came off the pill.

When I went back on the pill last year, it seemed to work well in managing my symptoms but now I’m finding them creeping back in, especially if I have taken packs back to back without a break.

I’m experienced pelvic, back and leg pain plus spotting and bowel problems in the run up to my period as well as afterwards. It can really slow me down some days and I’m due to adopt a little one soon, so this will not be good.

Does anyone else find this despite being on the pill? Or that the pill is effective for a certain period of time? I’m confused as its previously been effective. I’d rather not have further surgery with my current circumstances but I don’t know what the answer is 😕

6 Replies
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Sorry to hear that this has flared up around such an exciting time for you. I have been in the pill for well over a decade and the symptoms started to breakthrough for me in a noticeable way earlier this year. I suspect that the pill just masked things and that for whatever reason it is no longer able to do so.

It would probably be best to go back to your GP, or if possible your gynaecologist, and get their advice. Perhaps you could try a different pill/mirena to see if that helps, but it may well be the case that in the long term surgery is needed, but only a specialist will be able to advise you of the best course of action.

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Thanks Anonabc, I think I’ll have to go back to the’s never ending with endo isn’t it 😕

Sorry to hear you’re struggling too, thanks for replying x

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Yes I've had this. When you say it worse when you back to back the pill is this something you normal do or is this something you tried once and find it worse? As it it was just the one that's kind of normal as your body is getting used to only having a break every other month rather than every month.

The first pill I was on for 6 years no issues then started getting worse symptoms (prediagnosis), tried some others that didn't work then went to to my current pill which I've been on for around 6years (1 of which is post diagnosis). It might be that you need to try a different pill as just because a certain pill has worked before doesn't mean it will always be the right mix of hormones for you. Unfortunately this is trial and error to find what works for you.

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Georgina78 in reply to Christin_a

Hi Christin_a, thanks for your reply and sorry to hear you’ve had this too 😕 no it’s not something I normally do, I just did it last month as I was going on holiday so it might be that my body definitely does need the break.

The thought of trial and error with different pills is daunting but I might have to try it. Thanks for your reply x

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Christin_a in reply to Georgina78

If your pain was only worse after /during that I would stay with it and keep to the regular cycle it might just be your body didn't like the extension. If I play with my timings at all my body hates it even if it's only a couple days extra, I'll get extra pain days and other new pains. But once I'm back to my normal cycle it's alright, well as alright as it can be

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Georgina78 in reply to Christin_a

Hopefully it’s just that 🙏🏻

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