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Has anyone tried cannabis tea/oil?

Hello. I am fed up of taking strong painkillers for my endo pain, they just make me constipated which isn't any good! I have just bought some hemp oil capsules which are supposed to help with pain but I was wondering if anyone has tried cannabis tea? I think it is illegal in the UK but I am sure you could probably order it online... if so, does anyone have a website link? Thanks.

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Not sure they would be any good if you're trying for a baby? Personally I haven't tried cannabis tea but I do remember a few friends of mine in US used to drink it - I haven't seen them for years now though.

I wondered if you tried 'Tramadol' for your Endo. I used to have really debilitating pain that would be so crippling I would almost (and sometimes did) end up in hospital or unable to do anything for days on end. I found other pain killers the hospital prescribed gave me constipation and made the problem worse if anything. Tramadol has been an absolute godsend for me, and I don't go anywhere without it. I understand it's supposed to be addictive? but if I'm in excruciating pain it's the first thing I go for. x You can buy it online as well if you can't get it from your GP.

Best wishes x


Thank you for your reply. I'm not trying for a baby. I've had tramadol before and I'm not comfortable taking it as it makes me a zombie. Thanks for your advice anyway x


Sorry I can't be of any use. I guess I quite like being a zombie at times lol, but actually it does take me quite a while to get used to it. I'd say try anything and give it a go. Best wishes... hope you find something that works out there x


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