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1st period after lap - extra painful

Hi everyone - I had my first lap 2 weeks ago when I was finally diagnosed after too many years. My gynao cut many adhesions whilst I was under and I was recovering amazing - just my stitches still to dissolve, then my period came and iv been in a

The same pains and other symptoms as usual - but then a few hours ago the pain somehow got even more intense and with 60mg and heat bags on top of heat pads I feel like I would rather not be alive then go through this. My partner wants to take me to hospital but all they will do is give me codiene like they have all the times before, right? Has anyone else's 1st period after the lap been even worse??

Thanks in advance

Hayley xxx

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I had my sixth lap 9 days ago . And I have been feeling the same . I have been taking naproxen and paracetamol . My periods came two days ago . Pain was awful 9/10 . I was screaming . So I understand how you feel . I just understand and send you big hugs .


Do you take anything for birth control? I haven't had my first period since my lap yet so can't speak from experience, but as I didn't have the coil fitted my surgeon told me to take the combi pill back to back for 3 months from now so I had periods less frequently. Could you do this to give your body time to settle? How are you feeling inside, recovery wise? Could it be that where they removed your endo isn't fully healed yet and it's hurting you?

What pain relief are you taking at home at the mo? If you don't have anything strong, it might be worth getting yourself to the hospital for something.

Sorry that I've basically answered your question with questions but it's what I thought of. I hope you feel better soon.


First few periods after lap are especially painful. It does easy off after 3 months. Naproxen works well for me.


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