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Surgical menopause?

Hello ladies, I'm interested to hear please how quickly you became aware of menopause symptoms after removal of ovaries. I'm 48, my first ovary was removed in 2015 with a big dermoid, and my remaining ovary was removed a week ago along with a large endometrioma. Prior to surgery I'd been on goserelin injections to suppress ovary function and had at times had been having hot flashes. (I have grade 4 endo). I was expecting to be all over the place with symptoms, but nothing so far! Surgeon asked for fsh test to be done before I left hospital, because there is a possibility of some ovarian remnants being left because of the extent to which my ovary was stuck. I'd just be interested in the experiences of others thanks - feel I'm heading into completely unfamiliar territory! Thank you

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I had a TLH+BSO 11 weeks ago. Prior to that I was on prostap without HRT addback for 9 weeks. I didn't get a major crash after the surgery, I think because I was basically already there. I was having hot flushes on the prostap and those have persisted though (touch wood) the night sweats aren't too bad at the moment. I also have swollen feet and I've started having breast pain. My skin is very dry. But it's just little niggly things, nothing too major, and some of it is probably fall out from having such major surgery.


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