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Flare up and "Chocolate Cyst"

Hey, i am new to the site and was looking for some advice.

I was diagnosed with endo 10 years ago when i was 19 and went on the depo injection, which was amazing for me and no periods! Fast forward 10 years and i have come off all contraception, as i would like to start a family in the near future!

My pain and nausea has got progressively worse and after being referred to Gyn again, i was told i had a "chocolate cyst" on my right ovary which was 4cm. Im booked in to have this removed, dye testing and ablation of endometriosis. I have just over 3 weeks until my surgery, but im struggling to walk with the pain, especially mid cycle. I have had to phone into work on a few occassions and am not breaching my sickness policy. My question is... should i be experiencing this severe pain with a cyst? My GP offered me a line until i get my surgery, but i declined, thinking i could carry on, i now know i can't, but i feel terribly guilty as if people will think im "at it."

Any one had any experiences of this?

Thanks 😊

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Yes, I had severe pain with an endometrioma on my right ovary until I had a laparoscopy to remove the cyst xxx


Hi karenk, I am sorry that you are in pain, I know exactly how you are feeling.... I had surgery in March to remove a large chocolate cyst it was 9cm and I was in agony every day and night until it was removed. I also had to have my left ovary and Fallopian tube removed. I am 11 weeks post op now and feel so much better (and lighter) unfortunately I think endometromia's are very painful if over a certain size until they've been removed. Have you phoned your gynae's secretary and asked about being put on the cancellation list? I done this cos like you I was in pain every minute of everyday (and got little to no sleep at night) she was really helpful and put me on the list, my op was supposed to be in April but a cancellation came up and they brought it forward to march for me as knew how much pain I was in. I ended up having my op a month earlier which I will be forever grateful to them for... I had to change my job because I couldn't physically do it before surgery and wasn't allowed to heavy lift afterwards for a few weeks so now I do something less strenuous. I know how hard it is trying to work everyday in pain, I just used to dose myself up day after day until the cyst grew to a point where I could no longer bend! I had a scare one day after work and had to ask my mum to drive me to a&e as the pain was unbearable and I was sure it had twisted, luckily it hadn't but after that I stopped working until after my op. I hope your op comes round quickly for you, I know it seems like forever when your just sitting around waiting, good luck and let me know how it goes. I have a few questions myself about endometromia's as I'm scared I'm going to get another one develop on my good ovary, I have heard this can happen, but people tell me not to think about that right now and just enjoy being pain free but it's hard when it's happened to you once and I think it's only natural to worry that those horrible symptoms may return. I want to know if going on the pill would prevent me from getting another one but no one seems to know or answer my question 😔 I know I only have a 50% chance of getting another one as I've had my left ovary removed, that's what I was told anyway. I am 42 with 2 lovely children so am not particaly worried about getting pregnant anymore, but I do wonder if one day I'll need a hysterectomy.

Try to keep dosed up and your mind busy (easier said than done I know) wishing your op comes around quickly for you) and good luck x


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