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Chocolate cyst/endometrioma removal


So i have a chocolate cyst measuring 3cm on my left ovary. I am scheduled for a Laparoscopy in 4 days. I know that an Endometrioma usually means an advanced stage of Endometriosis, however on the letter i was sent, they wrote

Ovarian cystectomy +/- omental biopsy (as sole procedure and including bilateral).

For anyone who has had this done, does this mean they will just remove the cyst and not treat the endo? I really dont want to have more than one surgery and rather they treat everything now as i am also trying to get pregnant and have been unsuccessful for a year and a bit.

Any advice would be great!

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Hey. Wishing you all the best. I have chocolate cysts and I am under a fertility doctor now too as me and my husband have been trying for over a year. He has his own issues also. I have chocolate cyst. 2cm and one just under 3cm. My fert nurse told me unless they had grown bigger they wouldn’t operate. How did you get them to operate as I’ve been having no luck xx



Thank you for your well wishes. The cyst gives me some pain and once i mentioned this, they just referred me for a lap.


Hope it all goes well for you. I have cysts in both ovaries and have been referred for a lap to. My consultant advised that he'll check for other endo but won't remove it. I'll need a second surgery to remove anything he finds. I've also been trying for a baby for about a year and am 35 so don't really have time on my side to wait for a second op. Plus of course, two surgeries means double risks and two recoveries. I've asked to see the consultant again to discuss options. I'd suggest ringing your clinic/consultant and explaining that you have questions. I hope you get some answers and everything goes well for you x

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Thank you so much for your response. I will try and contact them before the surgery. I hope everything goes on well for you!


I hope the operation went well!

If you don't mind, i'd be interested to hear how it went and your recovery.

Did you have the endo treated and cyst removed in one op?

I'm waiting for my date to remove my 5-6cm chocolate cyst, last surgery I had was just to remove endo.

Also in the same boat at you, TTC after surgery hopefully.


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