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4 days post lap & dye

Hi ladies,

I am just wondering if anyone might be able to help or advise me.

I am 4 days post lap and dye, which I had look at my endometriosis and investigate if this is causing my infertility, having not been able to fall pregnant for 2 years.

When I came around the surgeon came to see me. She said the endometriosis is basically everywhere - uterus, bladder, pouch of douglas, peritoneum and my bowel is stuck to my cervix and pelvis with dense adhesions. They found both my tubes are completely blocked and convoluted (twisted?). I had a lap 7 years ago when I was diagnosed and it seems to have really progressed since then

She said I need to wait for my follow up to discuss options with the consultant (as it was the registrar who performed it), but mentioned that IVF is my only option to conceive and they might want to start me on injections.

She didn't mention if they had taken any away but i think not as it sounded like a big job! I feel like i can't wait to hear what the consultant has to say and really worried about what they're going to do next.

Has any one else been on an injection? If so, which one and what's it like?

Has anyone has surgery to remove dense bowel adhesions?

Has anyone dealt with convoluted/blocked tubes and what was suggested to you?

Any help or advice would be really helpful. I'm quite upset and in pain and I'm hoping someone else may have been through a similar diagnosis that can offer some support.

Thanks so much x

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Hi, so sorry to hear you have it so severe I was exactly the same, I was told by the NHS that my tubes needed to be taken out as they where so badly damaged. But after coming to this website I learnt you are able to be referred to a bsge specialist as it's on your bowel etc I would say you have stage 4 so will be entitled to the bsge specialist gonon the website and see where you nearest one is. I had my big op in jan my tubes where completely blocked and twisted down and stuck down the back of my womb and then covered in a thick wall of scar tissue so no wonder I hadn't got pregnant!! But the endo specialist managed to unblock them for me and get them working again! So it can be done. Xxxx


Thank you for this! It's really helpful to know that others have been through the same thing and things have been improved for you. Did you ask to be referred to the bsge from your NHS consultant? Did they also remove some of your other endo from your other organs? How long did you take to recover post surgery?

It sounds like you have had a good outcome! Are you continuing to try to conceive?



Hi yes I had it removed from my bladder pelvis uterus and ovaries and endometriomas removed from my ovaries too, I just have some left on my bowel as that needs to be done with a bowel specialist present too. Yes you can ask nhs for a refferel. I had 3 and a half weeks off for my bigger surgery it took a few months for everything to settle down completely but it was only jan and my last 2 periods have been no where near the pain I used to have I'm guessing that's what a 'normal' period is ment to be like and lighter. I was told to try for a baby for 6minths and if no joy ivf as I don't respond to hormone treatment with my endo so stop it coming back etc. Xxxx


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