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Lap yesterday got some results

Hi everyone can I say thank you for your wellwishes and support really helped me yesterday!! so I'm feeling sore and looked at the clock all night came home about 1030. I've got three war wounds had may cervix lasered and good news is no obvious endo in tubes or ovaries but my womb and bowel were stuck together with adhesions?? anyone care to elaborate what they are? also had a very scarred womb? ive had no previous surgery either. seeing my consultant in 4 weeks. now just a lot of rest to be had!! xx

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Hi that's good news about endo the lessions are scar tissue from endo or previous op. I was told I have lession joining womb ovary and bowl and have endo but have had op years ago so could be from either but as you say this is first op I guess its from endo. They will explain more at your appointment I've got 8 week wait for mine! Glad all went well and sleep lots and if your bowls don't get going in a few days use laxative as it Realy hurt me! It's one thing they don't warn you everything gets a bit blocked so softening it is a good idea and will help things get back to normal. Take it easy x


It does sound like endo but I always thought if it was the womb wall it was adenomyosis? If anyone on here has adeno they may know the terminology?

Good luck with your recovery! Like lily said - be careful of the bowel! It's not unusual for you to have a few days wait for things to get moving. I would highly recommend stool softeners, or even just increase your plum intake over the next few days. For me being "blockec up" was definately the worst bit of the post-op!

Take it easy!x


hi, glad it went ok, some good news re the endo, i have endo and adhesions too, i still dont get the difference - i took a gentle laxative anyway to keep things a bit softer, because you're not eating very much the day before lap and on the day, and i didnt eat much few days after i ended up going the first time a week after, but it was ok, like i said i took 3 sachets of laxido each day until i'd been, i also ate some prunes everyday too lol, then gradually reduced the laxido, i'm still on one a day at the moment - get plenty of rest and take care xxx


That is great that your Lap went well and they have some answers for you. I hope that they will continue to help give you answers and explain things of what they found and what it now means.

Wishing you a speedy recovery x get well hugs xx


Endo are the cells that create the womb lining (blood), adhesions are scar tissue left by the blood/infections/surgery. Not even sure if that makes sense to me but hey ho lol!

Adenomyosis is when endo is found inside the wall of the womb not the outside. They suspect I have adeno but that cannot be diagnosed without a hysterectomy and dissection of the womb itself. Hope this helps!

Hope you're all having a pain free day xxx


Thank you everyone hopefully when I have my follow up appointment I'll know a bit more! feeling sore today and every time I stand up I feel like my stomach might drop out!! hopefully feel better tomorrow! xx


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