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I'm back!!

Hey ladies so after being told I couldn't have children to then falling pregnant 5 months after my lap fast forward a year my little one is 4 months iv just come out of hospital and have been diagnosed with having endometriosis again as I've bled for 4 months basically since labour :( my hospital have said I'm to have a coil fitted has anyone else had the coil of so what should I expect? Thank you x

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I found the coil fitting sore, but they say it's less painful if someone has had children. It took ages for my periods to stop but did stop all my pain for several months then I started having new pains as well as a decline in mental health, so I removed the coil. But each person is different so it works for some people and doesn't work for others. Hopefully you'll be ok on it.

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I have a mirena ius, and as Lovisa says, insertion is much less painful if you've given birth.

I love mine. On my third and final one and periods that are manageable and no pain or cramps.

Worth a try but give it six months to settle after insertion if it's your first one.

Good luck and congratulations on the birth of your baby 😊

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