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Could it be back so soon??

Hi ladies,

I had a lap to remove endo and insertion of a mirena coil in July this year. I have been getting right sided pain that ranges from sharp stabbing to a dull tightness (like someone has blown a balloon up inside me) for the past 6 weeks. I have my post op in November. I have also been bleeding/spotting continuously since June. About 4 days ago I was doubled up with what felt like endo pain. Is 3 months too soon for it to come back? My consultant said the endo would quickly come back once the mirena has been removed, my fatigue is creeping back too. Has anyone suffered severe headaches/migraines with the mirena? Seem to be getting them a lot recently.

Should I persist with the coil? Feeling a bit frustrated and down about it all, I just want to be 'normal' :(

Thanks in advance x

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Hi there

I know endo can return quite quickly as every bit of bleeding you have feeds it. I have the mirena am on my second one now. I'm a severe migraine sufferer and do still have them regularly with or without the coil. What they usually say is if you don't normally suffer migraine and you suddenly develop them with mirena you should see your doctor as it may be unsuitable for you. I find all hormonal treatments difficult because of my migraine but mirena works best for me. I would have a chat with your gynae. Bear in mind also the mirena can take up to 6 months to settle down.

Take care



We sound very similar situations, I have endo and I had my lap in May and also had the mirena fitted since then I have also the same pain on both sides exactly how you described it! I've had nothing but migraine headaches and my period is gone back to last for 2 weeks and then start again one week later. I think I've decided to have the coil taken out next week as I haven't felt any benefits from it x

I know what your going through and it just seems to be never ending with us endo sufferers x

Let me know how you get on! Take care Helen


Hiya ive had the mirena coil fitted back in march it took around 5 months for ot to settle down so keep with it im also having prostap injections every month and that helps alot x x x


Hi, I had the mirena coil fitted 5 months ago, and have had nothing but problems with it! I get the same right handed pain that you're describing which is absolutely debilitating! I have been to the doctors four times to ask for it out or for a scan to check that the coil Is positioned ok but all the docs say is 'take ibuprofen' Grrrr! I think it's worth going to the doctors or if you can waiting til your post op and explaining everything to them, as ppdotter said, the coil might not be for you! Hope everything gets sorted soon xxx


I had the coil few years back and had same right handed pain it got so had I couldn't stand up straight (previously had implant in arm) soon as I went my gp he told me to get it removed immediately as it's clear it's not right for me apparently my body won't accept foreign bodies xx

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The Mirena to my understanding does cause cysts which if uncomplicated just burst and the pain you are feeling sounds very familiar as this has just happened to me.

Do stick with it and see how you get on but might be worth mentioning it to gynae specialist

Persil xx


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