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Endometriomas back after 2 months?

Hi ladies, I had a laparoscopy 2 months ago in one of Londons hospital ( specialist endometriosis centre) where 4 endometriomas have been excised. After operation we started trying naturally to conceive. Also we have started with the gathering of the tests needed to start IVF abroad. How big was my shock when at the private scan on day 3 of my cycle - 2 probably endometriomas have been located on my right ovary both around 2 cm big. My follow up appointment after operation is next month (3 months after operation). My question is, is it possible that they grew back so rapidly? Anybody knows if this could be a problem to start our IVF? Thank you for reading this.

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Yes, endometrioma can grow back that quickly. The most effective way to remove them is by surgical cutting not laser or draining them. That's what I have heard.

I have also heard of women conceiving via IVF with endometrioma.

Were you told by your surgeon that removing endometrioma might affect ovarian reserve? You need to talk to them about that and do your research on it and also ask them what method they used to remove them.


Thank you for getting back to me. They have performed excision surgery no laser or draining... That is why I could not believe I still have endometriomas on my right ovary. Something is not right, would they lie to me? There was endometriosis and fertility specialist at my surgery bearing in mind to preserve my fertility the best they could. They explained everything upfront to me. I'm going for my first IVF consultation on Monday to Prague and I guess I have to wait for my follow up appointment with the hospital to have my questions answered...


Different clinics have their own rules on starting IVF with endometriomas present but many will only prevent you going ahead if they are 5cm or more. I had a persistent endometrioma that would return quickly but during IVF it became apparent that it occurred on the ovary that responded well consistently to the drugs and the one from which the most eggs were collected. One of those eggs is now screaming his head off in a Moses basket as I type! Good luck!


Thank you very much for sharing your successfull story, I'm more optimistic now :-)


I am also in same state. Waiting for IVF with endo.

Laproscopy done few months before and could see cyst after that. Next week got my IVF appointment and not sure what will happen.


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