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After lap

Hi all,

I could do with some advise. I had a lap and a hyposcopy (can't spell) with two cysts removed on 24 April I still have some twinges of pain near one of the incisions but this is improving. When you come out of hospital you bleed for a few days (which I did) they say your next period will be 4-6 weeks and you following period should come as normal. Well I had my period like normal on 8 May 28 days after the first day of my last period. I went back to work last Thursday. I haven been feeling really bloated recently especially as the day goes on. On Monday I noticed that I had brown discharge and I noticed a tiny bit of blood but this wasn't every time. Yesterday there was pink on the tissue and my discharge is now really dark. Now I could just be coming on my period really early but I don't normally come on this early I also have never spotted etc inbetween periods. As much as I would love to be I can't be pregnant as I haven't had sex since before my opp and I got tested before my procedure. Like I said it could just be my period really early but I wondered if anyone has experienced this?

Sorry for tmi!!! Xxx

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Hi, I had the same procedure in October. I honestly wouldn't worry yourself. My cycles didn't return to normal for 3 months after the op. Until then all will probably be a bit unpredictable, but it does get better, I promise x


Hi I had my surgery 6th jan and only stopped spotting all together last month can sometimes take a while for everything to settle down and also for your hormones to settle down and get back to routine may just be that everything's a bit unsettled still xxx


Thank you both it seems that I came on my period really early so will see how goes just freaked me out a little as hadn't expected this to happen xxx


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