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how were your cycles after a lap

I had a lap just over 3 weeks ago, had endo removed and a cyst also..i was told I had to go on the pill to stop any future endo happening, much against my will, but 3 week on I started having spotting and now a period! I have felt really awful, anxious..is this normal? my periods only used to last 2 days and I didn't feel like this

it makes it very hard to function as I feel so wiped out

any suggestions ??x

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Hi boudy

Your hormones are thrown into a spin for a good few weeks after any surgery, so what you're feeling now is completely normal. Things should settle back down eventually, or your cycles might have been changed and you might fall into a different pattern.

And three weeks really isn't very long at all in terms of healing which is probably why you're feeling so wiped out.

Be kind to yourself and take it easy

C xxx


ah thank you!! your words are very kind. I was very tired the first week but then started going for little walks everyday, not sure if it was too much too soon..but don't understand why I have started feeling anxious since the spotting etc?

i wasnt sure if it was the pill making me feel like this?

I have a young son so taking it easy isn't so easy if you get me!


ps my consultant when I asked her said that normally people are only signed for for a week and that I should be back to normal now!/


I'm 6 weeks on and am having exactly the same problem - in fact I just posted a question! I still couldn't even get out of bed after 3 weeks. And I have started suffering severe anxiety... my surgeon told me I'd be ok in 'a couple of days'. Don't do too much xx


I'm sorry to hear that. Did you suffer with anxiety before? X


No never.... I guess that is what months of being fobbed off, followed by misinformation regarding the lap and recovery does to you! From what I can tell from reading a lot, and my mum has been doing the same - it is normal to still be in pain - and for you most definitely after only 3 weeks. I had an excellent surgeon for my lap but she was not an endo specialist and so I've been advised to go and get a second opinion which I am in the process of a referral for. Perhaps it might be worth thinking about if you consultant is not being supportive enough. But I will stress that 3 weeks is not a long time and so don't worry that you are feeing bad still - or you'll end up working yourself up like I did! xx


I have heard a few women who take between 4 -6 weeks at least but I haven't had that luxury as I have to look after my little boy.

It defo sounds like the anxiety for you is a culmination of it all and its 'all boiled over now', you body can only take so much and its telling you it has!

I do get it quite a lot, I did just speak to the nurse on the Bupa helpine, she was brill, said it is probably my body getting used to the pill. I hate having to take it but there seems no other option to stop it from coming back

I hope you feel better soon x


I had my 1st lap in april, I was told a week (because they thought they wouldnt find anything) but I didnt feel able to work until a good 3weeks.but mainly coz the surgeon want able to carry out the whole job as it was so bad.i am scheduled to have another 1in aug and also having cysts removed from ovaries and the specialist said be prepared for 4-6 weeks off! What pill was u given? The specialist wants to give me monthly injections to bring on fake menopause, which im not happy about. After 1st lap I had v small bleed n then nothing for 4-5weeks, then was mild lasting 5days (use to last 8-9) then had 1 less than 3weeks later ladting 9days and it was a bad 1! Dreading my next! I find im very weepy all the time and tired and achy but not anxious, could be the pill xx


if you don't mind me asking how old are you and why have they suggested having the injections?

I was given Noriday as it is one of the lowest dose pills..do you have to have the injections? could you not have the coil? that seems like the best option with the least side effects. I wish I could have it! don't want to keep pumping my body full of this rubbish, surely there must be another way?!x


Im 27, I cant have the coil coz I want to have kids as soon as poss (I now have to put it on hold for 10months) I dont have to have the injections but was told its the best solution as it will "kill" the endo that they couldnt reach or see so will delay it coming back and building up.im just not happy about side effects and risks.by st sounds of it there is no other way im afraid.apparently changing ur diet is meant to help but iv looked in to it and its very strict andrrestricted x


Oh golly ur a spring chicken. I'm sorry you are having to deal with this at your age. I'm only 8 years older but luckily managed to have one child I do eat well and don't eat red meat etc but I agree the duet is restrictive & I don't think it stops it from happening.

If I was in your shoes I would not have the injections, had the kidlets you want, then deal with it as there could be endo etc and changes after having a babies so better to deal with it in one hit x


We've been trying for the last year for kids, but no luck.gp said id prob have to have ivf as endo is severe.im just kicking myself I didnt push the doctors when I had my suspicions 10years ago instead of letting them fob me off.i duno what to do, ur very lucky u have ur child.i really hope 1day I get mine!x


Ah bless you. It's tough hey. The only reason I found out I had endo was upon seeing a consultant they read my operation notes from the year before that said they had found endo!! But the surgeon didn't tell me or my doctor. Hence why I now pay to go on bupa and the treatment was much better

Can you not have a lap then try for a baby?

I wish you luck and hope it all works out for you x


I duno, the specialist seemed adamant that I should put pregnancy out of my mind as iv tried unsuccessfully and shoud have the injections to help body recover.but by reading every1s experience I really dont want to despot it apparently being my best option....I do have beneden health care insurance but I was worried as I was already part way through the process wiv nhs I was worried notes would get lost or wires get crossed....I think my surgeon is meant to be a good 1 tho....x


Follow whatever makes u better x


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