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Hey everyone, this is my first time posting as im having issues that just dont seem to be getting sorted and even though i have a very supporting partner its really getting me down..

Let me start at the beginning---

Ive always had regular none pain full periods, but up until late 2014 i started having irregular periods and having sex became painful, i started feeling really sleepy constantly feeling drained, my top thigh going numb, sleping over 12hours a day, took my gp about 5 month to refer me to the gynae, after going and having an examination he could tell how much pain i was in during(so bad i almost passed out) he couldnt feel anything out of the ordinary or see anything so i got sent off for ultrasound scans and again nothing showed up, the last resort was me having a laparoscopy to see if they could determain what i had, obviously unsure and nervous about it i hesitated at first but this was my only route of finding anything out, fast forward to may 2016 i finally had my laparoscopy where they found 3 lots of endometriosis and removed it, then i was told to continue to take my contriceptive pill..this is the tricky part ingot told by 3 different doctors to take it for 6months have my break back on for 6, another said no you only need to take it for 3 months have your break and back on and another told me 2 months on have my break and back on again, from my surgery to now me and my partner are still unable to have intercourse but on the rare occasion we can but its extremly painful, sometimes the pain can continue for a day or two, also i have changed from the combined pill to the depo injection withing the last 10 weeks, where my skin has broken out in little spots, and i had a period for 3 weeks where i had to go to a&e because i was in pain, i was cold, my leg was starting to go numb, the usual for me, i also had clots and constantly needed to wee! Had my wee checked everything came back all clear, i had stopped bleeding for almost 2 weeks and i have started my period again, this time day one was a little heavy but ive had very light since and im on day to off this odd second period, i also felt sick on this occasion and starting to become tired the prior week to me starting this period, im now so exhausted of going back and forward to the doctors that im going back to the gyanecologist but i am waiting on the letter to hook the appointment!

So if anyone lasted reading this brief story can anyone offer me any advice regarding if theyve had the depo injection? Im not 100% sure that i want to have a second round of it

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Wow, you've really been through it! I too suffer with a crap load of pain, only things that help are Yasmin pill and Zapain.. Only I can't take Yasmin now due to blood pressure.

I had depo and the implant, at different times and I bled constantly on both, the pain was worse.

I really hope you get sorted xxxx

I was on the yasmin pill but had to come off it as i was having really bad migraines, but i dont think thats due to the pill as i took myself off it last november and still had them, i think i had the migraines due to stress, i havent heard of zapain? I have been looking at trying out the contraceptive patch, but i dont knoe of anyone thats had it?

Where did the surgeon find endo at the lap - do you have the discharge note?

I had 2 lots near my bowel and another somewhere else i think, i cant find my discharge note at the moment due to moving last year but i do have it somewhere

General gynaecologists aren't qualified or allowed to treat endo affecting the bowel so it seems likely that you will still have it there. Endlessly giving you any form of medical treatment is just delaying having the thorough investigations you need and allowing it to progress. Medical treatment just aims to deal with your pain and not progression of the disease. You need referral to a specialist centre.

Thats where im at now, waiting on a letter to be sorted so i can book online, it was supposed to be ready last thursday but nothing had been done, so going back later to see if theres any further bews, hopefully i can collect it and get it booked

If you are in England you can't book online. Referrals to BSGE accredited centres are not commissioned by the CCG. They are commissioned direct by NHS England and your GP needs to arrange it direct. The CCG will know this. Tell you GP to look at the NHS England contract for severe endo and page 138 of the NHS England Manual for Prescribed Specialised Services 2016/17.



Its the referral from the doctor to the gyanecologist im waiting on

If it is a referral to general gynaecology then that would be via the Choose and Book system where you book online. If to a BSGE accredited centre then that is direct with NHS England and not through Choose and Book. Endo affecting the bowel has to be referred to a BSGE accredited centre and not through Choose and Book. It will depend on the stage and exact location but your symptoms suggest you should be in a centre.

Hi There,

I am on the depo injection had my 2nd one there in April and then had my appointment with my consultant and she has suggested not going back on them again as the side affects are too bad and they are not helping. As my diet is diary free then I am loosing a lot of calcium and bones will become weak, currently experience sever joint pain, headaches, tiredness, etc and she said it is do with the injection and suffering with chronic pain. I had my 3rd lap in January which they removed more endo.. as I am young and it is having a knock on affect with my day to day life my consultant is spending me to her boss. Sex is a no no for me too awful pain and few days after, hate feeling like this. so I understand where your coming from. There is a never ending story with this awful disease, if only people would step back and think twice.

Good luck and hope you get your appointment letter soon. xx

Yeah i went to a gynaecologist abd he told me the reason im having painful intercourse is because ive had a traumer my body remembers during intercourse, which i think is actual bullshit because i havent, ive just spoke to my doctors and im waiting on a call back from the doctors about me being on another period within 6 weeks, as for me booking the gynae, no such luck the letter still hasnt gone through the system and shes chasing that up today, its such a pain now as i just feel like giving up going back and forth, with the depo im due to have another round within the next 2weeks but dont want to have it as my skin is breaking out bot only on my face but on my body which i have never had before, i have put 4pounds on as well, i havent got an awful diet so dont understand why, im just so lucky i have such a supporting partner as he could just leave me, its putting a massive amount of stress on our relationship as we've been unable to have pain free intercourse on my side for over 2ysars now, thats my main concern, i just want it to be normal again :( nice to know im not the only person going through this x

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