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Bleeding Taking Pills Back to Back


I will keep it short.

Been advised by my surgeon to take pills back to back and have a break/period every 3 months. I have tried SOO many pills, and can never get to that 3 month break, always bleeding before (usually at 2 months).

Any advice? Just fed up as I am in pain and constantly have headaches and nausea coming off and going on pills.

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I'm using the pill on top of the iud. It's the only thing that works to stop the bleeding. Maybe it would work for you?

I tried a IUD but I am very small in size, and could feel it constantly and was bleeding most of the time. So do you not have any breakthrough? Or have you been period free since having both?

I got breakthrough bleeding and dyschezia when I was taking the pill back to back. I went off the pill and onto the jaydess iud. It's smaller in size compared to the mirena, but has less hormone in it. On the jaydess iud I also had breakthrough bleeding but the dyschezia stopped. To stop the bleeding and reduce cramps I'm now on the pill (eloine) on top of the jaydess.

Not going to lie, it's not perfect. I have cramps that I believe are iud related, but manage them with ibuprofen taken early before the pain starts as a prophylactic as the cramps are like clockwork every month. But no bleeding has occurred for 9 weeks now, so it's an option. Not everyone ends up with cramps, so thought I'd mention it.

Thank you so much for replying. Think I am very hesitant about going back on an IUD again but no option seems to be a fix for endo. Wish you all the best.

That's understandable if you've already had problems with it, you know your body best. Yeah it is horrible theres always so many adverse effects to everything you try. Hope you find your way to manage it x

Hello I tricycle too. It does take a while to settle down. I think when I first started it took 3 out 4 of the 3 month cycles before it settled to where I no longer had break through bleeding. I still get breakthrough bleeding now but only if I forget to take a pill or take it later than usual.

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