Provera or Cerezette as alternative to mirena- which to go for?

Hello ladies

Hope you are all doing well and pain free x x x I've recently come off the coil due to pelvic pain from it as an object. Consultant has suggested either Provera or Cerezette as alternative modes of delivery but they are different drugs too.

Which are you taking, what delivery method (oral, arm implant etc) how is it working for you and what side effects are you having?

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  • Hi cerezatte was amazing for me I had no side effects at all . If i had not started trying for a baby I would have never stopped taking it x

  • Cerazette was good for me gave me two great period and pain free years. For some reason it stopped working and symptoms came back but two good years was better than anything else I'd tried. Good luck

  • I have had cerazette but not depo - it didn't work for me and I just bled all the time (I took it for over 6 months) but then I bled on everything, so it's most likely to just be me and not the cerazette.

  • Hi I had cerezzete and while it stopped the pain and bleeding ( pain started to come back after several months) it worsened my other symptoms which I didn't realise until i stopped. I had bad nausea,bloating, heartburn and indigestion, sinus pain with a swollen face, breast pains, tiredness etc all on a daily basis. Wish I'd never taken it as the last year has been a deeper hell. I'm thinking of progesterone cream but will do loads of research first and see what bgse propose in July after I finish my 6 months of zolodex. It may work for you, it's worth a try and changing if it doesn't. I'm just one of those people who experience a wide range of symptoms and get hit by side effects. Good luck xx

  • Thank you everybody that's reassuring I'd seen mostly negative posts about cwrezelle but the higher dose stuff sounds a bit scarey after my bad zoladex experience.

    Like Bethleah I am often sensitive to drugs so keeping control over dosing myself is desirable. The only thing I think the Mirena may have made worse possibly ( ignoring the physical effects of its presence ) is perhaps the chronic fatigue syndrome which has been terrible since the op. Though the recent uplift may be largely due to a holiday ending Zola and reducing my working days to a 4 day week.

  • Hi I am using progesterone cream 20 mg dose per use I had really bad depression, weight gain and constant thrush when using oral contraceptive pills and my online research led me to conclude that there seem to be less side effects from natural progesterone cream than from oral synthetic progesterone. The naturally derived progesterone cream which I've used for 6 months now (Progensa 20) has resulted in gradually lighter and less painful periods each month. I have also combined the cream with the endo diet and have significantly improved both my abdominal pain and IBS type symptoms. This has been evidenced by my CA 125 scores dropping from 155 to 66, showing much reduced inflammation. I still get very tired and the occasional twinge of pain plus I have had some acne flare ups but my pain is so much improved it is worth it. I had to buy the progesterone cream online as my GP only offered pills or Mirena. Hope this helps.

  • Sakura many thanks. I had asked the question about natural of my surgeon before we next meet, but you are the first person I've come across whose tried a cream.

    Unfortunately fatigue is my most intrusive symptom.

    Where and how do you apply such a cream if it's ok for me to ask.

  • So sorry for the late reply. I get the cream from a US website called Because they mail from the USA you have to pay customs charge of about ยฃ11 on each order and collect it from a parcel depot. The customs charge is the same whether I order 1 or 4 pumps so I tend to buy in bulk now. It took about a week to arrive.

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