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Mirena Coil or Combined/Mini Pill - Which is best?

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I can have the coil fitted or start on the pill this week - which is most effective and which works quickest? Really appreciate any input as feeling pretty desperate for a solution:( Thanks!!!

14 Replies

I have tried both and so far much prefer the Mirena coil, I'm having fewer side effects than I had with Cerazette and feel more like myself X

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I had the mirena in for 2 months earlier this year but it was taken out due to incessant bleeding so I didn't have it long enough to really know if it would have helped in the longer term. Have been on cerazette for 5 months while I wait for surgery and struggling with it - weight gain/night sweats/hair loss and it has not stopped my periods - I am bleeding 50% of the time and still having heavy periods. I am however getting a sufficient reduction of pain so at the moment can't manage without it. It really is a case of trying them and seeing which works, and if the mirena is going to work, it does seem to take a while before you get the benefit :/

I'd take the pill since you don't have to wait for it to be removed if you stop

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I've had both over the years and all though you can get break through bleeds with the Mirena the Mini Pill gave me so many mood changes, the Mirena is definitely a happier option for me x

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The coil is an absolute nightmare! The pain of fitting is horrendous especially if you haven't had children. I was on the pill prior and needed to have the coil fitted for adenomyosis but all it's done is make the pain worse and now I bleed continuously even whilst taking the pill at the same time. Personally if you can take the pill without side effects stick with that, the coil is a bit hit or miss as to whether you'll get on with it. Good luck! X

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Zoehman82 in reply to Kappy93

How long have you been on the pill and coil combined? I had coil fitted end of October and was told to carry on with pill with no break. I am nearly 7 weeks in and had continuous bleeding. Lots of lower back pain and what feels like something is pulling in my lower right side. It is breath taking when it happens. It literally feels like something is tearing??!!! Lots of pain in my right in the groin area and sciatic pain again shooting down through right side 😬 I am seriously considering getting it taken out.

I have had two children both vaginal birth and I found it agony having it fitted. I left the hospital crying 😭. I know it is fine

For some but my experience so far is rubbish! X

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Kappy93 in reply to Zoehman82

Since September, I was told to stay on it for a month to let it settle. After the month was up I stopped and the I started bleeding really badly so was told to go back on it again. The same keeps happening every time I stop the pill! I have the same pain as you've described and it's agony! I'm currently off the pill and struggling to cope with the pain and bleeding but my doctor still wants me to keep the coil. It's just a cycle that's getting incredibly tiring at this point, I want it gone!

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Zoehman82 in reply to Kappy93

I had it fitted by general gynae as he suspects endo, having been referred by my GP. If you look at my profile you will see my story so far.

I went to docs in the first week of having it fitted as the pains in my right side were unbearable. She was lovely, checked things were as they should be, and prescribed me naproxen and codrydamol. This helped and the general cramping subsided after a few weeks, but left with back ache, the groin pain and this pulling sensation/pain.

It comes and goes, I have found exercise can aggravate it, or even just sitting down can send the shooting pain in my right side. I stopped bleeding on Thursday last week, managed to have intercourse with my husband over weekend and then i started bleeding afterwards (this has been a symptom for me for some time. Now.) and now I have stomach ache and back ache like

I am going to come in again.

I am so frustrated as I struggle with keeping my weight in check, I like to swim and work out and I just haven't been able to as my energy level are rock bottom. I keep falling asleep, but gynae assured me if I took the pill I would have no bleeding as it was a big concern for me. I don't even have a follow up with him to see how I am getting on. So feel I want to go back to GP. I feel like my life is on hold and I am having more general pain than I had before I had the stupid thing fitted xx

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I think the most important thing to know is that all of the options depend on your own body.

I was on the pill for around 6/7 years then needed to change because it was no longer suppressing the endometriosis. I went onto the injection due to the advice of my GP & a friend had a great experience. For me I put on heaps of weight, wouldn't stop bleeding & turn into a lunatic!! I was fitted with the mirena coil a few months ago against the advice of friends & family members who'd had awful experiences. Yes the insertion is not great but it's over in 10 minutes & so far for me it's been the best decision of my life.

I'm really sorry you're having a tough time just now but take time & make the right decision for you not just because of other's experiences.

Jess x

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The pill worked best for me, the coil was awful for me personally xx

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Zoehman82 in reply to Disneygirl

I am now 34 been on the pill all my adult life, jumping brand to brand with two breaks when I was trying to conceive. I don't want to stay on the pill for ever as I am higher risk for breast cancer. But not having the pill is not an option as I would be bed ridden with my periods. Just such a miserable process.

I am trying to be positive but it is hard. I thought I would have a check up with gynae but not heard anything back since insertion. I guess he thought it would go away! 😂

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MillyMe in reply to Zoehman82

I just read your profile, sent a private message too - with all those symptoms your Dr should refer you for a full MOT/blood work which is what happened to me when I just had irregular bleeding and pain (I had a lapo/scans too), let alone without all the other things you have - I would push your Dr to check things out thoroughly. Do not take no for an answer/chase the Gyne, if your GP won't then ask for a second opinion. The bleeding/dragging sensation may just be piles not the endo, I had them after having kids, but it all needs properly checking. Xx

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Thank you everyone, the nurse and my conultant have both recommended the coil so going to try and hope it is a positive experience like some of the above as I know with two toddlers trying to remember to take the pill and also the potential effects in emotions, I think the coil, if it works, will be better and a milder effect on emotions.

Zoehman82 - the pain I get currently is stabbing/searing on one side and fluctuates through the month - but is your right pain since the coil? If so, maybe get a second opinion that it is definitely not fitted wrong, or that something happened during the fitting (a nick or tear) and there is no infection, as that sounds really bad and everything I have read has said that pain caused by the coil means something is wrong.

Thank youagain everyone, when I was in the clinic, just as she told me there are no appts until 29th, the phone rang with a cancellation for tomorrow morning! Fingers crossed life will get a bit less painful soon.


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I personally prefer the pill I had the mirena fitted 5 days ago and had to have it removed today becuase it got lodged in my cervix I've never felt pain like it within 20 mins of the coil being out the pain was gone but everyone's different you could have it and have no problems everyone's different x

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