Laparoscopy and GA

So I'm a nurse 23.. so you'd think i was good with the idea of surgery as I know what's going on. Wrong!!! I'm so so scared, I've been in surgeries where things have gone wrong and never thought I'd be the patient! I've got PCOS and endo and I'm having a laparoscopy in 2 weeks. I've never been under general before and am so scared. Anyone give me any tips?

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Hi I don't have any tips to give because I am the same position so don't worry your not alone!! I'm too scared to go ahead with it I haven't even booked in for it yet!! Hope it goes well for you x

I'll let you know how it goes, it's all happened so fast! I suppose I'll be happier and have a better quality of life at the end of it. That's what's getting me through

Hi! I've had one before and due for my second soon. You'll be fine, just let them know your concerns beforehand and they'll take extra care with you. Going off to sleep happens so quickly, I just kept chatting to the anaesthetist and it took my mind off it. The tube in your hand just makes it feel really cold. Waking up just felt like I'd had a really nice, deep sleep and I just wanted to go back to sleep! I got a bit nauseous afterwards but managed to eat some toast and drink some tea. I also felt dizzy and faint later that evening but kept lying down and was ok. Let us know how you get on! X

Thankyou!! I'll do my best just uber scared 😭

Hiya, I had my first lap 3 weeks ago and was so scared beforehand and now I feel silly as it was fine and like above felt like the best sleep ever! I had a wee drama queen moment on admission when I fainted getting my cannula put in which made me more nervous but it was over before I knew it! Just make sure you've got your dressing gown and slippers and a good book or magazine to take your mind off when waiting to go in. I got taken to a tv room to watch tv before my op! This board is really good for knowing what to take and what helps afterwards! Hope it goes well! x

Hiya, I had my first one done back in February, There is not much advise I can give, apart for make sure you tell them your concerns, It makes you feel a little more relaxed when you do. I hope it all goes well for you. 😊

Hey! I'm 20 years old and had my first laparoscopy 4 days ago, which was also my first ever operation. I suffer with depression and anxiety on top of this so as you can imagine going into surgery was really scary! I found that the waiting was the worst part of it. The surgeons and anesthetic staff were so kind but I made sure to tell them I was scared. I hated the thought of getting put to sleep as I don't like being out of control of my body, but I was so surprised at how easy it was. They put a cannula in your hand and put the anesthetic through, and also put an oxygen mask over your mouth. They held my hand the whole time and kept making jokes which made me feel really at ease. I was worried that I may not go to sleep, and will they not know and still operate? But they put me at ease with that thought too! They place a strip over your forehead which tells them when you are asleep. It literally felt like I had had a really long day and struggled to keep my eyes open. Before I knew it, I woke up in recovery. I know not all these comments may make you worry less as everyone responds differently to this sort of thing, but I can tell you now coming from someone with the most overactive mind and severe anxiety, it wasn't bad at all. You will feel very hazy when you wake up and will just want to go back to sleep so don't fight it! Use that time to let your body rest as much as it wants to... That's what I'm doing! I hope all goes great for you and that you worry less. Take care x

Hi I totally understand your concerns I'm a sister in the NHS and I'm recovering from a total hysterectomy and ovary removal 4 weeks done laparoscopically!! Because we are nurses as you say they seem to think you know everything as we are forever telling patients that they are going to be fine but I bet your sick of hearing that as deep down you know your going to be fine and that this procedure will hopefully make you feel like a new person but it doesn't help how you feel about the procedure and ga also we home in on the risks being a nurse!!! We make awful patients as we are not used to the boot being on the other foot!! Anyway just try and relax and think about the positives. On the day I told them I was really anxious and everyone was so kind I promise you will be fine you will be asleep through the whole thing and focus on when you wake up it will be over. You may feel sick after but they will give you anti emetics so it will pass. Do not rush back to work I'm going back next week on a phased return but listen to your body and don't rush back in case you undo what they have done inside. Good luck and if you want anymore advice just ask👍😄😄😄😄

Thank you so much! It's so hard, I think much harder being in the caring profession! Hope you make a speedy recovery :) xx

I'm out of the other side!!! I was so nervous but it went well! I had a bad reaction to the GA and have to stay in! :( the endo is extensive but they caught it while in young so there's treatment options. Everyone was so kind and thank you everyone for your supportive comments

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