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Laparoscopy nerves..

Hey girls. I've been booked in for a laparoscopy at the end of May. I thought I was fine about it but I've started having real anxiety attacks whenever I think about it, I've been having nightmares and not sleeping. I know it's minor surgery but I've never been put to sleep before and I'm absolutely terrified. The whole process is scaring me, let alone what they actually find when they're in there. Also, I know when I tell my boss, he's going to be fuming because it's right before I'm off for two weeks for jury service. I know it's not my fault but I hate letting people down or being an inconvenience. There is no way I can cope with feeling like this for another month. I'm wearing myself out! Everyones being really sweet and keeps telling me it'll be fine but it just doesn't help. I can't keep saying to them because there's nothing more they can say and I feel like I'm being annoying and weak. I don't know what to do. Any advice? I feel like I'm going crazy crying all the time and freaking out!

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I had my first lap last jan. Honestly you'll be fine, you will be totally knocked out so won't remember a thing. I was a bit sore for a few days but managed to get on a plane 3 days after it and recoup in Spain. You might have some spotting and a wound but they will show you how to keep it clean x


Thank you! I just have this real fear that I'm not going to wake up or that something's going to go wrong. Is it normal to be stressing this much? Is there anything you'd recommend to calm myself down?


I was the same, never had a GA before but once they put the drugs in you'll count to 10 and that will be you. In fact I only got to 8. Have faith in your doc. They found significant Endo in my left side between my tube and ovary. Not a lot on my uterus. He was unable to remove the Endo on my left side as it will need to be a more complex op, which I'm now trying to prepare myself for. He was able to treat the small deposits. Honestly you'll be fine, I'm a bit of a weany and survived. I was pretty sick and very dehydrated after it but they looked after me x


I was really worried about my first GA too, but it is honestly ok... they have loads of trained staff in theatre to look after you. Even when I came round there were two people there just for me, who seemed super competent and very reassuring. They will absolutely look after you.

Regarding your jury service, is it too late to apply to turn it down (or whatever you have to do) on the basis you will only just have had surgery... I know they call it minor surgery but it somewhat depends what they do in there... I had two weeks off after mine and I think it took three before I was really well if I'm honest.


It is sooo normal to be stressing about your lap. There is a whole lot of "unknowns" right there. I have had a few surgery's, and it's always a bit nerve wreckin until you are out of recovery..

As for the not sleeping, and night mares...write it out. keep a journal. You can't keep all those thoughts locked up in your mind; and I get that talking to others is useful...but I also understand that you feel you are saying the same thing...and you fear ppl are getting tired of hearing.

I'm glad you are in this "group" Talking to the women here is great. It lets you get things off your mind...rant..ask questions and hear from people who know what you are dealing with, because we are all in the same boat.


It is normal to feel the way you do. I have had the exact same feelings. Had my lap on 4 April 2017.I have never been in a hospital before never mind having operations and being put to sleep. I was terrified. I was scared I wont wake up. I was scared they will find cancer of some sort. I was scared she will say I am not able to get any children. I was so so so scared. A lot of things ran through my mind and when I was eventually pushed into theatre...I remembered...I serve a God who will never leave nor forsake me. Trust in Him

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Hey Melanie, relax! You dont have to go through with it if you're so terrified. I just had mine last week and was so terrified I postponed for 2 years..

It is an investigation and unless your symptoms are terrible, I would not push it.. General anaesthetic is a big procedure, I went through it alone and its hard.. have not looked st my stitches yet! Too scared!!! 😬 The first few days recovery will be harsh and harsher if your alone like me..

They removed some endometriosis but I will still need the pill to counteract it so I wonder if it was really nevessary you know.. plus going to have scars now, not really happy with it all..

Just make sure you need it, want it and want it right now.. You are allowed to reschedule, or change your mind at any time, even on the day ( I almost did when they told me they would not remove my fibroids.. I refused the coil insertion though we had agreed before..) no one is forcing you to do anything..




Stephani have you got some bio oil for your scarring? I've used it religiously on mine since last September and they have faded so so much!


Hi Lizzie, no, will buy some once the scars have become less pink I guess? I would not want to risk infecting them..

Waited a week to remove alk dressing and straps underneath but it all seemed fine.. The nurse at my GP helped but I did not let her touch me as she was so rude and hurt me on my previous appointment!


Once my stitches were out and the redness had gone down a little, I started to use it twice a day.


Yes the aenesthetic is fine but try and stay overnight in hodpital if you can.. it is strong stuff, they tried and send me home but I felt too out of it for that, those drugs are powerful.. they stay in your system for 24hrs minimum, for me I felt unwell for 3 days.


hi, I felt exactly the same , I was so terrified to have my laparoscopy I put it off for over a year. The months leading up to it I couldn't sleep and my work suffered as the op was all consuming and I was so anxious. Regarding the GA you will be fine, it wasn't as scary as I thought and they do 100s every week. Having the op was personally good for me mentally as I finally got an official diagnosis but I will be honest I took a long time to recover after and don't think I would ever choose to have surgery again. Everyone finds recovery different, I had to have a month off work but could have done with longer. I agree with Stephanie saying dont push it unless completely essential. You can reschedule and make sure you're 100% sure. Work have a legal obligation to let you have time off. Make sure you keep getting sick notes till you're well enough to go back. Good luck xx


Hi Melanie,

Sorry to hear you are feeling so anxious - you sound like I did in October xx The unknown is always a scary one, but it is good to get the operation out of the way quickly so you can put your mind at ease and not drag out the build up. You are in the safest of hands and you will be closely monitored and kept comfortabe throughout the entire process.

My first ever operation was the endo diagnostic lap in November, and to be honest my anxiety and panic attacks were miles worse than the actual surgery! :) Make sure you have at least one person, a partner/relative/friend who can either stay with you for a few days or be on call as a support during your recovery and it will all become so much more managable.

Not sure how you work, but for me the best advice I can give to overcome this anxiety is to take control of the situation by thinking about which dvds/books I'm going to watch the days afterwards and making positive lists of everything you will need on the day and during recovery so you feel completely prepared. (For the surgery day list, you could possibly include things such as slippers and your cosiest dressing gown, a gripping book to keep your mind occupied if there is a wait, a pillow to cushion your stomach on journey home, and your softest baggiest nightie to make your first night after the procedure comfy.)

It sounds as though you have the support of your work, which is wonderful! Your manager clearly understands that your health is of paramount importance and no one will feel let down by the unfortunate timing of the procedure. In a way, it's actually better that is coincides so closely with jury service as you can get everything sorted in one chunk and return when you feel fresh-faced and ready to give your job 100% :) Better for everyone! Once you know that to be the case, in a weird way the operation can be seen almost as a bizarre kind of holiday! You can enjoy one/two weeks of films, tea, chocolate, catching up with calling/writing to friends, and every single day post-op will get notably easier and easier as your body heals and your strength returns - not to mention an immense peace of mind: you will know exactly what is happening inside your body, have the support of medical professionals who can help, and you will have conquered a life challenge that will make any future challenges seem infinitely more managable.

For a recovery list, I found a friendly chat with the Endometriosis Helpline team very useful as they talked me through each point of concern and helped me compile my 'post-operation list' (I love lists!!) Items included:

- Sterile gauze to dab dry wounds after showering

- Peppermint tea

- Peppermint oil to rub on your shoulders really helps with any shoulder discomfort

- Ginger biscuits settle the stomach

- Prepare a couple of batches of meals (to freeze?) in advance so you have some tasty and enjoyable dishes to look forward to during recovery

- Set up the sofa with duvets ahead of operation date so you are fully prepared for some seriously comfortable recovery action upon your return from hospital!

- Cushions for back support very good. You may want to spend the first day sleeping/resting off the morphine, but once you are able it is good to gently prop yourself in a sitting position to maximise opportunity for the carbon monoxide to work its way out of your system. This process could take a couple of days, but gentle moving around really helps the gasses to disperse.

- Make a chart of medication if relevant? (I kept a list of painkillers intake to keep track and also boost my optimism when, after a week or so, there was a notable decrease and I was getting back to my normal self.)

- Stack up on your favourite dvds and books because you are in for literally the best movie session!

Once stitches have come out and wounds entirely healed up, gently massaging Bio-oil onto the scars twice a day really helps them fade.

Prepare what is in your control, keep your mind busy to minimise worry about the things you can't control, and find the positive and funny moments in the situation wherever possible (the carbon monoxide gasses made me very flatulant for a few days!! There are only so many times you can blame it on a squeaky chair :P !) Rally the troops, go to battle and get it sorted. You will be wonderful :) xxx

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Also, maybe leave it 48 hours before having a shower (better than baths in the earliest stages as you don't really want to soak the stitches straight away). When you feel ready for a bath, a couple of drops of Tea-Tree oil in the bath apparently helps to lower risk of infection because of its anti-bacterial properties :) Always good! x


Hi I had my lap op on 21/4. I was so anxious like you. Between my pre op and op date the hospital lost my blood so a manic day of racing to hospital to have more. I found calms tablets settled my nerves. On the day at my hospital my husband was not allowed in. It was awful going in alone but at the pre op app I had told them how nervous I was and they could not have been more lovely.

Ask for the numbing cream on your hand - I couldn't feel anything with the anthestic and think of a lovely holiday you have had. Take your dressing gown in and lots of magazines and when you wake it's all very calm but you have no memory of what happened.

For me it was the Unknown and waking up in recovery being told all what they had found so before I went into hospital I wrote a list of questions which the Seurgon and nurses then all answered as you do feel groggy but at least you have more answers to just the ones in your discharge notes which are all very technical so go in with your questions and they will answe them . Please don't get worked up. It's easy for me to say now but I was a complete sobbing mess when my husband dropped me off but your be well looked after stock up on peppermint essence from Health shops which you mix in with hot or cold water and have hot water bottle for your shoulder pain which for me passed in 24 hours. I had this op with no symptoms and now been told ends stage 2, 1 blocked Fallopian tube and the other ovary 5cm cyst on so was a shock but explains why we weren't conceiving. Please stay calm deep breathing and herbal calming tablets I took on the lead up to my op x


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