Laparoscopy recovery tips please!

Hi everyone. I'm having my second lap on Thursday, four years after the last and I think I've blocked a lot of it out! I got pregnant very quickly afterwards so I've been focusing on my little girl but despite being told that pregnancy would cure the endo I'm now having the worse pains and symptoms I've ever had. It seemed to take me ages to feel better the last time and I'm keen to get some advice on how to recover as soon as possible and get back to my job as mummy! TIA xxx

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  • I found sleeping propped up on pillows, a pillow under my legs and a half filled warm water bottle helped (if it was too full it was a bit heavy). Moving regularly, even if it was to just get a drink. Windeze tablets/Peppermint tea and rest/sleep! Try and precook and freeze meals so you can just defrost and heat up will help too :) x

  • Thank you!xx

  • Hey hun I'm 4wks post op and I'll be completely honest I'm not 100% due to running round after my 9month old. I'd say rest as much as you can ( I stayed with my parents and still didn't rest) which will help alot. make you have plenty of peppermint oil in or tea to help with the remaining air in your body too and lots of painkillers and also some laxative Incase you have any on bowel or rectum aswell as the painkillers constipating you As it will make it easier . But honestly rest x

  • Thank you. I'm also planning to stay with my mum for a bit and let my husband look after our little one while I'm at my worst xx

  • It will honestly be for the best I honestly wish I'd rested more but my lb was with me in my mums and he's a mummy's boy so he only wanted me really but I wish now I'd of rested more. I was picking him up and carrying him the day after (not even 24hrs after surgery.) So I hope you honestly get some rest x

  • I think it very much depends on what the surgeon finds and how much work they do as to what you've recovery will be like so there isn't much you can really 'prepare for' in advance. Like what others have said peppermint tea, a hottie and pain killers helped me but by far the best medicine was resting and letting my body recover at its own pace without rushing it. It took me a good couple of weeks to recover to a point that I could function normally. x

  • Hey there. Depending how long your op is, it might help to buy a grass seed heat sack to put round your neck to ease with pain of gas.(peppermint tea)I took both to hospital and the nurses popped the heat pad in the microwave for me. I would also recommend liquid or light diet after op, if any endo being removed from or around bowel. I found sleeping sitting up with pillow to slightly raise legs help also. Best of luck with it all. But most importantly try and rest up as much as possible and be patient with yourself. No lifting or carry . Big hug for Thursday xx all will be fine xx

  • Thank you all so much for your support and advice. I've now spent a small fortune on various drugs, teas and devices as well as new PJs and have lined up lots of stuff on Netflix so I should be good to go! Thanks again and I wish you all health and happiness xxxx

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