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Fibro Pain Relief while talking antidepressants

I was transferred from Tramadol s.r. And Tylex (maybe one or 2 daily) if I had breakthrough pain to Butrans 5mg pain patch,now I am also taking Effexor 125mgs and Mirtazapine 15mgs at night anyway I started on the patch Saturday last it's only dulled the pain a little and my anxiety levels have gone through the roof! I have removed it today as it has made me feel horrible I know you're not supposed to take any other painkiller until it leaves your system but I'm after talking a Tylex and it's eased my pain a bit anyway I honestly don't think this Butrans is definitely not suitable for people like myself who also suffer with mixed anxiety and depression,and I'm also taking Eltroxin for hypothyroidism which is all part of the Fibromylgia Syndrome Don't know how anyone else feels but Butrans? Never Again Horrible Drug as far as I'm concerned.

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