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Having my laparoscopy next Friday! Any tips/advice?

Hey everyone, just thought I'd update you all as people on my previous posts have asked for me to keep them in the loop!

Okay so a few days after my frustrating ultrasound where I was told I have PCOS, I saw my doctor, who said I do probably have polycystic ovaries, but I do not have the syndrome, so that kind of cleared that one up.

I went to see a gynaecologist yesterday - I actually really didn't like her at all and had a really bad experience with her. I'd written out practically everything so that I wouldn't forget anything. Even though I'd explained in this list that my constant bleeding was present on Rigevidon before I was changed to Cerelle, she said "I'm not worried about the bleeding at all because that's a side-effect of Cerelle (the mini pill)" and I was just like, um so constant bleeding for 5 months is normal to you? I had to keep telling her that the mini pill made absolutely no difference. She just didn't take in anything I was saying, she kept interrupting me and condescending me and saying things like "just because your cousin has endometriosis, doesn't mean that you do too" which I found so rude as I clearly don't want the condition, I'm just a 19 year old girl who can't cope with being so ill all the time anymore. I literally just want answers, and that's what I was trying to get across to her.

She did another internal examination which she said looked normal, but obviously it's pretty rare to find something like endo just by doing an internal examination there and then. I was in so much pain when she was poking around in me that I was holding back tears, and her really sweet assistant held my hand and kept reassuring me. The gynae then started telling me that my problems are totally unrelated to gynaecology and that they are gastro-intestinal problems, to which I was annoyed at because I'd already explained that I had been through extensive testing by a gastroenterologist and even had an MRI scan, biopsies and ultrasound of my bowels. To cut a long story short she wasn't listening at all, and I nearly cried because I really am at the end of my tether. This is turning into a rant now, haha.

Okay so basically she finally signed the forms for me to go in for a laparoscopy, with persuasion (!!!!) from her really sweet assistant. She was just acting like I was desperate for surgery which is totally ridiculous, but the assistant took me into another room to take my blood pressure and BMI etc. and was so kind, saying she understands that I need this checked to rule out any gynaecological problems such as endo, and that I'm really sick and deserve to know what's wrong.

I booked my pre-op assessment for next Wednesday 15th Feb, and actually had an unexpected phone call from the hospital today (only one day later!) booking me in for my laparoscopy next Friday 17th Feb which is amazing seeing as I was told it would be a 6-8 week wait for surgery!

So all in all, I'm frustrated that I was so put down by somebody who was supposed to be caring about me, and I feel like I have this added pressure now, like the operators HAVE to find something wrong because otherwise the gynae was right and I was wrong and stupid etc.

BUT I am super grateful that the remainder of the healthcare here in Nottinghamshire is so good, and that I'm going in for surgery as soon as next Friday to hopefully find the cause of all of this pain.

Please let me know any tips for surgery, like anything I should/shouldn't do before and after, recovery times (as I'm a uni student missing lectures etc!), and what I should bring to the hospital! I'd be super grateful. Hope you're all doing well!

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Poor you... I was in a similar situation at your age, I'm now 34 and only just going to the gynaecologist. I just wanted to say, even if they found nothing you wouldn't be stupid. Unfortunately, women's health conditions seem to be largely neglected by the NHS so I think you're doing the right thing. I imagine that because you're young, the doctor thinks that she can be obnoxious and patronising.

I think that recovery times for a lap can be about a week, u will be in hospital for the day, possibly overnight (so maybe a nightie just in case). Don't eat or drink 12 hours beforehand.

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I'm thinking about writing a formal complaint, because it really was a horrible first appointment. Thank you so much for your kind words - if they don't find anything then I guess that would be good news, and even though the gynae would have been right, it would mean there's other paths I have to go down to find the source of this pain/symptoms.

Thank you for the advice too! I'm expecting to find out all the details at my pre-op assessment but I just wanted a little bit of a heads up! I hope you're well x


I could have written this although it's been going on for 21 years x I finally saw a specialist at a bsge centre and underwent a lap last Friday where low and behold endo was found almost everywhere I'd said it would be based on my symptoms x had it excised from everywhere but the bowel as I wasn't prepped for that so will maybe need another op. I had a complication so had to stay in for 3 nights and am struggling with pain as my abdominal muscle was damaged but should heal with time.

I'd rec you get yourself some peppermint water or tea for the gas pain after as that hurts more than the surgery in my opinion. Also if you can buy some lactulose start taken that a few days before surgery.

I'm also wondering if this gynae you saw is the lady that will do your op? And is it a bsge centre you are under? From experience and having a lap under normal gynae to be told no endo and it's prob a back injury I would personally be reluctant to undergo surgery with a general gynae again in relation to my endo

Best of luck with everything and stay strong, fight your corner till you get your answers x x

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I'm sorry to hear you're still suffering :( Thank you for the advice - I'll be sure to drink some peppermint tea in the days after surgery.

I don't know at the moment if the gynae I saw will do my operation - to be honest I'm hoping not, as I don't really want to see her again, but I guess I'll find out on Wednesday at my pre-op assessment. She didn't mention anything about it and kind of fobbed me off with her assistant with the forms etc. so I didn't get to ask.

I'm also not under a BSGE centre - just a normal doctors surgery and have been referred to a gynaecologist in a general hospital.

Thank you very much, I am trying to fight and do what I think needs to be done. Hope you feel better xx


I really feel for you my first gynaecologist was amazing and suspected endo 10 years ago when I was 20 and I had a lap and had it removed. I started experiencing abdominal pain again and went back to gynae also I have been struggling to conceive. I had a lap yesterday and they didn't find anymore endo. I am frustrated more than anything as I thought it would be the answer for me for the abdominal pain and the struggle to conceive and I've obviously had it before. I don't feel stupid though I just realise that something else is going on and she said to me she thinks mine is bowel related which I wouldn't be surprised at. My scans are being shown to the surgical team now. I am able to walk around today and get out of bed but am in quite a bit of pain, I can't sleep because I can't get comfortable and it's a bit of a struggle to get out of bed. When I had my original lap where they burned the endo I was in more pain from what I remember and couldn't stand up straight. I think it took 2 weeks to walk around properly but about 4 weeks until I felt comfortable in doing the same things as before. Don't feel stupid and don't let them make you feel that way xx

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I'm sorry yesterdays lap didn't give you any answers :( That sounds really frustrating. Hopefully your doctor can get you in to see a stomach specialist like I have so they can see what's going on, if anything in that area.

Thank you for the kind words - I just hope to get all of this sorted soon. Thank you also for the advice, I wish you the best in your recovery x


Hi urgh I feel your pain I was passed around for 5 years saying it wasn't gynea it was ibs but I have stage 4 aggressive endo pretty much everywhere! Take a book or magazine the waiting is the worst if your feeling nervous tell the nurses they are always so nice to me! Take a dressing gown and slippers and I take a nightie just incase you get done late and need to stay save having pjs on your wounds. Have peppermint tea at home for the gas and a hot water bottle or heat pad. And wash your hair the day before ha sounds silly but it will be the last thing you want to do over the next few days/week. Keep your wounds dry, I just have quick shower or even just a wash at the sink I know not the nicest but just rather be safe than risk infection for 5-7 days. And rest up just little walks to the bathroom every hour or 2 is enough the first few days as long as you get out of bed every now and then. I had 3 weeks off work my first lap, and 5 weeks the on I just had in jan but I had loads done and excised. Feel free to dm me if you have any questions :) good luck with the op you will be fine xxx


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