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Coming off prostap

Hey ladies hope you're all well?

Ive been on prostap for 5 months now (prostap 3 and reason for only 5 months not 6 is due to consultant accidentally giving injection a month earlier than should of had it) and my injection is up on the 30th of this month.

Could anyone share their experiences on how they felt? How long did it take before your endo symptoms started to come back etc.

Any help would be greatly appreciated 🙂

Thanks in advance xxx

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Hi there.

I'm 16 days post my last prostrap injection after an 18m stint on it. I won't lie. I've felt incredibly rough. Really lightheaded and dizzy, headaches from hell, very shaky. The consultant has put me on the progesterone only pill for now until my date's through for my full H surgery and I've started in the last 4-5 days to get chronic period pains and backache again. This morning I felt completely wiped out. You may not be as bad coming off prostrap though as you've only been on it 5 months. Let me know how you get on x


Is the 16 days after the injection should be out of your system or since u had an injection? Sorry for being thick🙈

Hopefully my symptoms won't be as bad as yours, sorry to hear you're having a rough time😟 hope you start to feel better soon! Are you having full hysterectomy? I'm on the waiting list for surgery but going to speak to my consultant about having a hysterectomy on 4th of July xxx


Ooooh well it was due on the 24th and I didn't have it so it's 16 days after the injection was actually due. Hope that helps lol.

I've tried everything else first but to no avail aside from the prostrap. Yep a full H. Awaiting the referral to be done from my NHS consultant to a BSGE accredited centre - worth looking at as they have specialist Endo centres around the country x


Yeaah that's made things clearer for me 😂

Sorry to hear that you've gotta have full H, prostap has shown me what it would be like with a hysterectomy that's why I want it done ☺️ how old are you if you don't mind me asking?

I'm at bsge centre already, was referred straight to it when I was diagnosed thankfully, glad you're having it done at bsge centre tho hunni xxx


I hadn't heard of BSGE centres until someone mentioned them here! Requested the referral a couple days ago. I'm 43 now. Always suffered with incredibly heavy periods but my endo was triggered by the birth of my only child 5 years ago.

I initially was upset about the idea of having to have a H but if it helps eliminate most of the pain then I'm fine with it now.xxx


Yeah this forum is a great help! I've learned so much on here.

Oh I'm so sorry to hear it was triggered by childbirth 😕 yeah defo I'd rather be pain free tbh, I'm only 21, I've had a hip replacement due to other medical illness so kind of used to going through shite now haha I'm a tough cookie xxx

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I have stage 4 endo which causes horrendous pain when bowels move during periods. I'm 54 and would love a H, unfortunately not an option due to risk of colostomy. I had two prostap injections then took a break. It took 2 months for period to return along with terrible bowel symptoms. So went back on prostap have had 3 injections now over 3 months. Briefly tried livial hrt but wasn't for me so I'm taking vitamins and supplements and trying to cope with flushes as best I can. 😔


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