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Endo removal & possibl bowel surgery....anyone had it done??

Hi ladies not been on in a while as i've been put at the botton of the list by accident so waited along time for my surgery to come around. That & the fact i need two surgeons to do my op, has proven tricky to get a op date.

I'm going in for stage 4 endo removal & possible bowel resection. Maybe a stoma. Was what my surgeon said. Depending on how bad it is.

Has anyone had this done?

Im going to north staffs stoke so it has an endo specialist there.

Just wondering how long was surgery?

How long will i be kept in hostpital?

Recovery time? Ant hints or tips?

Im not nervous yet as had a diagnostic lap before & a gallbladder removal. But feel this is going be more intense.

Just after advice or your stories really?

Jo xxxx

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I had excision of bowel endo and rectovaginal endo 8 weeks ago, together with a hysterectomy + BSO. I was also warned of the possibility of a resection prior to surgery but they were able to shave the endo off my bowel so I didn't need it.

This shows data from all bsge centres for 2015, and gives you a more realistic overview of what is likely. It clearly shows that bowel resections are very unusual for endo:


The first month post op was rough but given how much surgery I had it was never going to be easy. I was in hospital for 2 nights, had a drain and catheter. Getting my bowel moving again after the surgery was tough and things are still not predictable in that department but I'm getting there and I am no longer in any pain.

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Wow you have had alot done all at once. It gives me hope that your managing pain well.

That document is great where is it from?

Really interesting that my hostpital had 38 cases,bur only did x2 resections.

Thanks for sharing your story. Good luck in the rest of your recovery xxx


Hi. I'm in a similar situation but stage 3 with 4 chocolate troublesome cyst, also waiting for surgery as they can't find a date they can both be there!! They told me I would be in at least a few days depending on how much they have to do but they won't kick me out till I'm ready apparently but we'll see how they works out!!

My is bowel to and he said he would expect it to be 5/6 hours but they have found 2 more cyst since so might be longer.

For recovery all I can suggest is take it slow and rest, I had emergency surgery on a ruptured cyst in September and it was a good 6 to 8 weeks before I started to feel more myself but I'd had rather a rough time both physically and emotionally so I'm hoping it will be easier with the planned - for a start I can pack my own bag!!

Have you had your bowel prep sachets yet?



Yes had picolax? Did you have this.

I remember my 1st lap,hit me more emotionally more than physcially.

Good luck in recovery hugs xxx


Yes that's what I've been given not looking forward to it.

I had quite a few complications in sept and I'm very lucky I lived to tell the tale so it's affected us all quite a lot especially as we had no idea I had endometriosis.

I hope your surgery goes well and give yourself lots of rest for recovery. Xx


How long am i expected to be hogging the bathroom for with this picolax?


Hi had mine stage 4 endo surgery in August 2015 they shaved my bowel, didn't need stone in the end. Really straight forward stayed in for one night with catheter bag. Off work for six weeks.

recovery was good and I kept on top of my pain killers.

Glad I had the surgery done!!

Now trying to have a baby xx good luck to you


Aww thats same. Ill be trying for a baby also. This is why im putting my body through this.

Good luck. Let us know if you get pregnant xxx hugs


Hello! I literally had the exact same thing done 3 weeks ago as well as my ovary being cut open and drained. I was in surgery 3 and a half hours and was in until 9am the next morning. They actually tried to send me home that night at 11pm because they needed my bed!! This was my 3rd lap because like you say, they didn't have the bowel surgeon at the others and I expected recovery to be hell.

Other than pain because you've obviously been mauled, I almost felt an instant relief (well after about 2-3 days when the soreness went). I did some research and it's because everything that was stuck together is now freed up!

I honestly didn't feel it was any different to my other laps where they actually just opening me up and assessed.

Don't get me wrong, the first 2 days are extremely sore, especially straight after the op. But it soon goes.

I had 3 weeks off work and have been in bed rest but to be honest I'm just shattered and need to sleep. I've only had a few hours of aches in all that time and that's because they said it takes 12 weeks for the tissues to heal. I do wonder if I've recovered so well because I have literally rested and not done anything - so don't over do it!

Hope that helps! :) xxx

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I had stage 4 endo which resulted in a bowel resection. I had my surgeries at a BSGE centre and they were performed by a colorectal and gynae surgeon.

I had an lap to remove endo from my US ligaments, POD and to unstick my bowel and uterus. I also had my bowel shaved. I think the operation took quite a while due the extent of my endo - about 5/6 hours. I was kept in hospital for two days (I had internal bleeding that was repaired during surgery) so it was a bit more tender than it would have been. The recovery was not pleasant - but just take it easy, avoid lifting, appreciate you will be tired for a while. Try ensure there is help for the first week or so - cooking etc as I really couldn't be bothered lol! Stairs are also a pain but painkillers help. My bowel was OK following the shaving so did not have any effects. To give you an idea I had my op at the end of July 2013 and got married at the end of September 2013. Then fell pregnant as my surgeon advised that I was healed and it was OK to start trying. I went back to work after 6 weeks.

In May 2016 I had a bowel resection as my endo had gone through the bowel wall (which is not that common). I had a stoma nurse visit me before my operation and was well aware of the risks. My surgery was about 6 hours. The surgery went well in the sense I did not need a stoma and they were able to remove the damaged part of the bowel. However, I again had internal bleeding which was not picked up initially. Unfortunately, I had to have emergency surgery and blood transfusions due to bloody loss. I think I was massively unlucky, my surgeons were brilliant it was just unfortunate (a scan showed I have an unusual branching of blood vessels). I was in hospital for 7 days and followed up for 3 weeks in the day clinic. I had a drain in my side, a catheter, antibiotics etc. The recovery was much harder for the resection to be honest. I think it was more to do with the bleeding and back to back surgery. That being said I managed mainly on paracetamol after I was released from hospital. My bowel did not work for a good few days after surgery, but eventually restarted! For several weeks after the surgery my bowel was over active as it got used to being shorter I assume. But it went back to normal and I am now symptom free so surgery was definitely worth it!! I was back at work after about 7/8 weeks following my surgery. Again, having help after surgery was good and be patient/kind to yourself.

D x


hiya jo.

its been a while !! cant believe uv waited all this time. it must be nearly 18 months? I had surgery for stage 4 and was told there was a good chance of a stoma but thankfully got through without it. they always tell u the worst case to prepare u. whatever the outcome just be good to yourself. stay in hospital as long as u feel u need and dont let them rush u. when do u go in?


Yes Dec 2015 when i had my 1st lap.

Now i get back pain, pelvic pain, leg aches. The lot!!

My date with a question mark. Is what they said 5th July. Day before my birthday 😣

How long were you in? Was it Mr misra? Xxx


Hiya jo. yes it was with him and i stayed in overnight. make sure u ask if u need any pain relief and dont let them make u go home unless u r ready. gonna be a pants birthday for u but hopefully will be worth it if it all goes to plan. really hope they can get it all this time.


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