bowel endo???

sorry if this is tmi but I had a lap a couple of months ago for suspected endo and removal of a 5cm endometrioma etc only to be told there was nothing. ive had various problems since and have this week started bleeding from behind following a stool along with a blood clot. I have been to see my gp but he was running very late therefore my appointment seemed rushed. he didnt examine me just prescribed some cream for piles?? ive had the same bleeding again today and im worried they may be missing something. could it be bowel endo? what are the symptoms? could it be to do with the op? I should mention that since my lap I have had another internal scan which showed two endometriomas. any advice would be appreciated x

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Hi , I have the same problem with my bowel, so I know how bad it can be especially with all the other symtoms on top ! When I first went to the doctors and explained how it generally fell inline with my cycle I was fobbed of several times. Saying it's a fissure then piles. One consultant at hospital asked me if I am sure the bleeding was coming from my back passage

hi jojo. they asked me exactly the same but its definately coming from the back. have u had a diagnosis?

Yes iv got stage 4 endo, a large endo cyst and bowel involvment, it's likely il have a bowel resection when I have the surgery. They can either cut out a full section or just skim the affected bit of, but as I pass blood it must have affect the full bowel wall I think. Iv had a mri but they then said I needed a specialist gyn and bowel surgeon to do the op. Other bowel symptoms for me are severe constipation, painful motions(not much either) sorry tmi ! Pain passing wind ect, do you have any of that ? X

i do get a little constipated from time to time but its not too bad. sometimes I have a shooting pain when I go and it comes on very quickly. I have experienced some bleeding before but never with blood clot. I also had a flexible sigmoidoscopy last year which came back ok. at that stage I didnt know I possibly have endo. I wondered if I should ask about an mri but have seen posts before which have said it doesnt detect it very well? do u know how long u have to wait for your surgery?

Hopefully I'll be having it done by the end of feb. I had a colonoscopy before my mri and it didn't show up anything, I think it can be hard to spot unless they are specifically looking for endo, by the time I had the MRI it was pretty extensive. I'd ask for one especially if they don't know where the bleeding is coming from, and I think the symptoms can vary massively from person to person. I hope they get it sorted for you x

I hope the operation goes well for you too and u get some relief from it. thank u for talking to me and take care x

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