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Any advice?? Post lap

Hi, I had my laparoscopy done on Tuesday and wasn't given any advice about taking dressings off, bathing etc. Any advice how to keep wounds clean? Belly button really sore and I'm squeamish when I tried to take dressing off to clean. Also have no appetite whatsoever, and pressure when I have a wee is uncomfortable. Probably waffling on and above makes no sense but painkillers must be taking their toll!! Xx

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Hiya, I had my lap on Friday and was advised that I could shower the next day but not to use anything scented and to take the dressing off before showering and replace afterwards with fresh dressings. I didn't really touch the wounds until Monday when I cleaned it gently with water and a face cloth. I went to my doctor yesterday and asked when to remove the dressings as I also wasn't told and he told me to take them off so I had mine on for 4 days. I had heard of loss of appetite but as soon as I came round I had a sandwich and cuppa tea and then a roll when I got home. Must have hit the munchies haha. If you have pain from the gas I'd advise getting some peppermint tea it worked for me. x


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