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Is it Endo?

Hi was just wondering if anyone out there could give me a bit of help, I'm 21 and currently going through excruciating back and abdominal pain around the time before, during and after my period. On the times that I've the worst pain it always travels down my right leg. I've seen loads of doctors about this since the age of 14, but have always been told 'it's just your period'. The pain is getting worse since the age of 18. I've been admitted into hospital on several occasions and always get discharged with a UTI. Every time that I get admitted I always take my period that day or the next. At the start they thought it was serve constipation. Now I've seen the gynacologist on and off since last June, I've tried the Mirena coil, Progesterone's (mainly Cerazette), I've also tried Microgynon from the age of 16, then Cilest. I keep constantly getting told I don't think its endo, although when I discussed my gynae health with a GP he advised it may be endo. I have most symptoms, end up in severe pain when having sex which reduces me to tears, irregular periods since I first started my period, heavy periods, fatigue, spotting when not menstruating, constipation and nausea, and severe period pain. I am currently taking tramadol for the pain as its getting worse and just started HRT with Zoladex yesterday. Was just wondering if it sounds like Endo, as I'm at a loss with what is going on with me and currently waiting for a laparoscopy.

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Really sorry to hear you're in so much pain. I'm no expert but It definitely seems to fit endo and the treatments they are giving you are treatments they'd give you for endo have you got a date for lap yet , hopefully that will get to the bottom of it are you an bsge center ? so you get the best possible care . What are they saying it is presently if it's not endo then?


Sorry you are suffering, unfortunately it does sound like you have all the endo symptoms.

Have you had a laparoscopy? If not I would suggest to your Gp you need one ASAP.

You need to be quite forceful and say enough is enough, it's effecting every aspect of your life, suffering is not acceptable. if you still have no joy ask for a second opinion or change gp surgery.

Hope you get some answers soon x


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