Post-op sickness / nausea


I am into my third week post total hysterectomy with bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy (removal of everything) and repair to bowel, bladder due to adhesion and lesions. Initially felt better once I had antibiotics for urinary infection.

However, I now feel very sick, especially nauseous after any food and my stomach is tender and bloated. Is this normal, it is still early days ?

I am not taking anything as yet for medical menopause until I discuss the extent of endometriosis with consultant, could the sickness be relate to hormones or an infection?

Any suggestions welcome.

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  • Hello! As I am only in the beginning of this whole endometriosis thing (I am waiting for my final diagnosis-hopefully- ) I do not have any suggestions but I wish you well! I hope you have very good doctors taking care of you and everything goes smoothly!!!

  • I had the same op on the 17th of March - first 4 weeks were rough but I seem to have turned a corner now, though I'm still very tired. I have had issues with pain management, bleeding and infection, have been back in hospital twice and have seen my GP twice.

    TBH I would be going to see your GP as soon as you can. This is a major surgery and anything that's making you concerned should be checked out. If you are really worried, go to A&E as they can assess you and readmit you if necessary.

  • Thank you all for the replies. I think it's a trip to the doctors tomorrow. It feels like a urinary infection, sick and dizzy with raw feeling and tightness in bladder. Possibly blood in my urine. Pathetic but I can't tell where the small amount of blood is coming from.

  • Yes advise trip to Dr. So many variables! I ended up with liver damage from all the posts op meds, which is thankfully recovering, but am still wiped out, 7 weeks post op. Also had/still have some sort of cold /cough virus so that's not helpful!

    Bladder issues and Uti 's are very common post op so best to check it out.

  • Thanks BBBOA

    Just returned with another prescription for my second bladder infection in 3 weeks or the same one unresolved.

    I had catheter issues at the hospital initially unable to empty my bladder without one, so I had a second one put in for a short period of time. I had separation and repairs to both rectum, colon and bladder so I guess bladder and colon are going to be it of sorts fur a while.

    I expect all GPS are under the same time pressures but I barely had time to sit down and open my mouth before mine showed me the door just now.

    So, I've brought forward / inserted an extra post op review with my consultant for this coming Monday to try to get some answers. He's a general gynae surgeon and will have the best idea of my current position and how much damage the endometriosis has done. I was undiagnosed until he opened me up.

    I saw your post on medical menopause and HRT. That's one of my queries on Monday. I'll post if I find out anything useful and any strong feelings against them at all.

    All the best and thank you again, it's reassuring the have someone a step ahead.

  • I have been trialling zoladex which is chemical menopause and initially has too low a dose of tibilone addback hrt. It gave me crazy bad side effects including dizziness nausea and brain fog and memory loss. I would definitely discuss hrt with your consultant.

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