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Post op swelling, possible hernia/abcess?

It been a week since my last lap and iv noticed the last 2 days a pain just above and to the right of my belly button. It's also slightly swollen. It hurts more when I stand up or lie on my right side. I'm just worried because my lap last year left me with a huge abcess that had to be drained over a period of 4/5 weeks. Although with that infection I had a massive temp which I don't have this time. Although I am really tired all the time and I get the worst belly ache after a bm or going for a wee.

Anyone got any idea on what this painful swelling could be? I don't want to go to a&e just yet because to be honest I'm terrified of that hospital. X x x

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Go see your GPin the first instance - the quicker you get on antibiotics the better.

We discussed this only yesterday.

belly button hole infection is the most common post lap op infection site.

And depending on the bug, some will respond quickly to anti-biotics, some beasts take an almighty battle before they are killed off.

My 1st lap op had a belly button infection, no fever or temperature, just greeny yellow stringy pus. It took 2 months of hard going with lots of different antibiotics to eventually get that one sorted out and healed up properly.

It is unlikely to be a hernia there isn't much behind the belly button which is why it is such a good entry point for the lap op.

however it is highly likely that there is an infection and if it is you need it addressing URGENTLY please.

Doesn;t matter if you don't want to go back to the original hospital, your GP can prescribe you the first lot of antibiotics, and if that doesn't kill it off then straight back to the GP to get more and keep on going.back as long as it takes.

These wretched infections can multiply rapidly and you can become very unwell indeed in a matter of hours, so please don't hesitate to book an appointment with your GP tomorrow morning 1st thing.

Explain that you have had surgery and there is sign of infection in one of your wounds.

There should be a lump in there anyway - the surgeons use surgical super glue to literally bung up the hole, and add a stitch to the skin to stop the glue plug popping out, so it may be that the lump thing that you can feel is the glue plug, rather than any hernia. But soreness and swollen skin around any wound that is different from the other holes does indicate infection and better be safe than sorry and get meds for it as quickly as you can.


Thanks for your quick reply. Iv set my alarm for 8.30 to call the gp.

I had an infection last year so I'm a bit terrified of that happening again!!! I had no soreness, redness or swelling last time just a temp of 39.8. When they finally operated 3 days later they said it's one of the worst abcesses they had ever seen. I had to see the district nurses daily for 4/5 weeks to have my dressings packed and changed.

This time I just have pain and a swelling but no temp. Although my heart rate won't go below 110!!

I will definitely see a dr tomorrow because I don't want to get that sick again. It was horrible. X x x


Hi there, definitely get it checked out! I had a really bad abcess last year which ended up needing draining in another surgery and months of treatment after-I had no temp, just pain. It might be nothing serious but as you've had problems before it's worth getting it checked, as if you do have an infection it's better to start treatment ASAP, and if gp isn't worried about it, then maybe it can help put your mind at ease! Hope you get on okay xxxx


Some infections don't always show themselves with a high temperature, I would get this checked sooner rather than later, only because you don't want something full blown when it can be nipped in the bud. Either go to your local Urgent Care Centre or your own GP but please get it looked at soon, it can't be any worse than having the op in the first place Take Care xx


Just been to the gp and he was beyond useless!!! All he was concerned about was I haven't sucked up blood so it's not internal bleeding!!! Completely ignored the fact my tummy is swollen and one of my scars has become red and inflamed!! He just upped my pain killers and said if I'm worried about internal bleeding then go to hospital. I said I'm not worried about bleeding I'm worried about infection and he completely blanked me x


I have an appointment at 3.30 with my gp so I'll see what he says. I think it's a locum dr, but that's better then nothing. Bringing my mum with me for support. Iv woken up feeling a bit weird today :-( x x


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