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Post op....please help

I had excision surgery on Tuesday at Oxford. I was discharged wed and feel like my emotions are getting out of control. I am a smoker and haven't smoked since Tuesday. I literally can't stop crying, I hate everyone, everything and feel hysterical. What the hell is wrong with me, I know post op blues can happen and nicotine withdrawal but this is almost suicidal.

Endometriosis is a long journey and it's made me angry I think, angry that no doctors seem to understand, friends and family don't understand, I just feel like I want/wanted to someone to understand. I went to the hospital thinking I was going somewhere I was understood but in the end I just felt rushed through.

Now the endo's removed and now what, is it normal to feel like this. I thought I'd feel happy. X

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Hey, I know how you feel, I had my endo removed on Wednesday and was discharged the same day - it's pretty emotionally draining, I didn't expect that at all. My husband got me a drink of water and he spilled a little bit on my pyjama top and I burst into tears, went hysterical because I would have to change my top and that would hurt. I suppose it's because we are in pain after the operation? I am a bit better now, I am on top of the pain (make sure you take your meds on time, write it down if you have many to take) and hopefully tomorrow you will feel better!

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Oh bless you. It is perfectly normal to feel like that and believe me you will soon feel better. Just let the emotions out as suppressing them will only make you feel worst.

It's such a shame they treated you like they did. Some people get really good treatment and others are just shoved around like a piece of meat, all you can hope is that they've decided be the job properly and you are going to be pain free.

You know where I am Hun if you need to talk xx

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Hey, I totally understand. Had a lap on Thursday and feeling totally the same. Shoulder pain from the gas is unbearable and I feel totally pathetic as not able to do to much.

Just know that once your over the pain from the lap your life will have improved for the better, no one can doubt you as you've had a diagnosis and removal, feel proud of what you've come through and how strong you've been - it's ok to feel a little sorry for yourself tho.

Make sure to take enough time for yourself, and take it easy little by little. Make sure you have company, even just a girlfriend around to watch tv beside you can make you feel a sense of normality.

Message me if you want to - as I'm off work 2 weeks for recovery anyways!


I had a lap on Monday, I returned home the same day! I had a large chocolate cyst removed, I was diagnosed with stage 3 endometriosis, I had my stomach bowel and bladder removed from each other, endo removed off my bladder and colon. I seem fine one minute and I burst into tears the next! I feel no one understands unless their going through it. No one can feel the emotional pain and hurt or the physical! Free feel to message me anytime! X

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I always think its got a lot to do with the anaesthtic, my sister feels the same. Not sure what the science is behind that though. Dont be too hard on yourself and take good care. x


Thanks for all your replies girls. It must be the anaesthetic and to be honest the whole thing. Being an endometriosis patient is a long, tiring journey of getting second guessed, not listened to and treated like a complete hypochondriac, it drives u crazy and at times has even made me wonder if the doctors were right and it's was all in my head. I think having an operation to get rid of it, is maybe overwhelming......we were right and there was something wrong with us! I should hopefully be able to let go of all the emotions that have been driving me crazy for years and have a life.

Still feel complete emotional wreck today (I'm even crying writing this). Had a complete meltdown last night, felt like I'd finally lost my mind. Xxx


Anaesthetic can cause you to be very emotional, groggy and out of sorts for some weeks so very normal. Also your adrenaline is high leading up to the op and effectively crashes once it's over esp. If you were very nervous beforehand. If you've made it 5 days off the fags try to stay off them - the hardest time is getting over 3 days then 3wks, then 3months! - at least that's what I found!! The cigs really don't help with Endo and screw up your bowel so best to keep going if you've amazingly made it almost a week - well done you!! It sounds like you're really worn out - sleep sleep and more sleep, if you need to cry do so. You've been through a lot, it's all very normal you just have to take it super easy. The hospitals unfortunately have such a high demand that there isn't much time for faff - they bring you in do what's needed and send you home asap, nothing more. You can have short term counselling (health psychology) to help with management of chronic illness/pain issues, but you'd need referred by gp for this, hosp really aren't going to cater to emotional needs it's all very business like unfortunately. You will feel happy, just give it time, you've just had an op and if the excision was for moderate-severe Endo then you are going to feel like roadkill for a few wks then crap for a few wks more as your body is healing - don't push yourself too hard and recovery will be quicker. Feel better soon xx


Thankyou so much applebird, ur advice is really appreciated.

I gave in and smoked last night, I decided that it was adding more stress that at the moment I can't seem to deal with. I'm beating myself up about it but am gonna try to smoke very little. Before the op I decided I was going to stop smoking, get my head together, get fitter, eat healthier, work more and hadn't left enough space in my mind for recovery, I've realised now this is all too much to expect from myself. Recovery first then deal with other things one at a time.

Thank you to everyone on here, I really hope the rest of u recover well. Sending lots of love xxxxxxxxx


Hey kiddo,

I am 11 wks post op and it took me a good 6 weeks to feel normal again.i still get some twinges now around belly button.

I remember how those first few weeks felt,the frustration at not being able to do things and the setbacks when you walk too far or try to hard.

Hpe you are better now,hang in there.


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