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Hello everyone, first time me posting here but i need answers and help.

When i was 16 i was rushed into hospital with pains that was at the strength of labour. They didn't know what it was.. In the end they said PID, had antibiotics and still no change. I ended up then having a lapascopy and they found scar tissue (there is another name for it but can't remember) and bits of endo which they removed. As i was 16 i decided to go on contraception.

Now, I'm 20. Came off any hormones and onto the copper coil, I've been in so much pain. I took myself to the walk in centre yesterday where they took me to the women hospital, I have pregnancy test and urine test, all negative.

I told them my previous experience and they said its PID (Pelvic Inflammatory disease) they said this last time.. I have a appointment on friday. Im really scared, like beyond scared. If they found it last time why didn't they help me..

Did anyone else get told they had PID before getting diagnosed?

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Hi there, sorry to hear you are having a rough time. PID although called inflammatory disease is actually an infection that starts in the vagina but then moves up into the reproductive system and the only way to treat it is with antibiotics. I contracted PID after an infection during my c section. I was given a huge dose of antibiotics but it kept coming back and each time my case got more severe resulting in being hospitalised. In some cases if the infection isn't treated extensively, it can come back and in worst cases such as mine was, cause chronic PID. You are also especially high risk of PID if you have a iud such as a coil as when the bacteria spreads up there, the iud holds onto the infection. As long as the infection is properly cleared (usually a two week course of metronidazole and another antibiotic or in very severe cases resulting in fever iv antibiotics) it shouldn't return. The fact it has come back may be a result of having the coil in there. My specialist told me that once you have contracted PID, it is not safe to have an iud again. I can honestly say that the episodes when I have had PID were the most painful of my life so can completely sympathise. The most important thing is to make sure that the infection is properly treated and with the right antibiotics. Good luck with your appointment. If you have any more questions please don't hesitate to contact me xxx

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I have antibotics, I got diagnosed with endo 4 years ago. But they did nothing to help at all or gave any information about it, they said it was PID last time. Pain is getting worse, Ive been on antibotics for 3 days now.

I have a gynae appointment tomorrow for another internal, there is no signs of infection, they took swabs just incase but they have only put me on the tablets just because they don't know.

Last time I was hospitalised with it and now I'm really scared,'only get it when I come off my hormones


When you got diagnosed with your endo did they remove it? If you still have endo that could certainly explain why you get the pain when you are not on any hormone treatment. Do you feel like the PID could have returned or does this feel like a different type of pain? Thank goodness you will be able to speak to someone tomorrow and hopefully they can give you some answers. Just keep an eye on your symptoms though. If you become feverish and the pain increases go to a&e x

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They removed it and also scar tissue i had.

Its different its hurting in my lower back and top of my legs too. I have been on hormones the past 4 years since my operation as i obviously turned 16, decided to come off them thinking it will all be okay, i feel terrible. i just wanna cry.


I'm so sorry to hear that. Try and hang in there. Hopefully you will get the answers you need tomorrow. Have you got anyone that can go with you? Will be thinking about you tomorrow. Let me know how you get on x


Nope no one, I am mainly scared at the fact I lost a baby when I was 16, (young I know- unexpected)

They say it could be from endo, I want a baby. I want too be able to have children and im so scared I can't. If they say that endo reduces your fertility throughout life, I'd plan to have no now. With or without my other half, he doesn't see where I am coming from as he doesn't want children till he is 40.. 18 years to go..

My friend has to have a hysterectomy this year she is 28 and decided to have her kids early because of it


I know it is incredibly scary but please try not to worry too much at this stage. Like you I had my first lap at 16 years old. My whole life I have had numerous gyne complications and countless surgeries and I was still able to conceive and carry a healthy little boy when I was 28. In worst case scenarios Endo can have an impact on your fertility but there are numerous woman who go on to successfully conceive. Let your gyne know the fears you have and hopefully they will be able to offer you the right advice that you need xxx


Thank you so much!


I went to my appointment.

They fobbed me off, told me they will remove my coil but they can't as I tried to have sex with my boyfriend 5 days ago.

They said I suffer with painful periods, I do but im no longer on my period.

He then said put up with the pain and continue to take antibotics, I had no scan or assessment I had nothing.

I am so angry because I now have to wait two weeks to see someone and get it sorted


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