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Recovery after surgery (laparoscopy)

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My first laparoscopy 6 months ago was a walk in the park compare to this. I was able to eat and wee straight away, wasn’t in that much pain and my throat barely hurt.

I had surgery again yesterday and this time round I couldn’t eat or wee for ages, kept nearly being sick and struggled to breathe due to all of the rib pain. My throat hurt a tiny teeny bit yesterday but it really really hurts today and I’m actually struggling to swallow because of it. I can’t take tablets with it like this 😭 (I am feeling very sorry for myself)

I know everyone is different but I’m just wondering how long your throat hurt for so at least I get some sort of idea.

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Hi hun, my throat was bad after surgery but it settled down in a few days, its just where the tube was. keep taking the pain killers and hopefully things will be better in a few days, I had lots of ice cream - its cold and moves down your throat easily, try that hun xx hope you feel better soon.

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Flossy13 in reply to Endos

Since writing this it’s eased a little but I still can’t take any tablets 😭 I’m going to try again later 🤞🏼 I don’t have any ice cream but if it’s still bad tomorrow then I’m definitely getting some. I am sure I didn’t have a sore throat last time so I assumed it would be the same this time round. (How wrong was I?!)

I have no appetite at all and half of my upper lip is one huge ulcer from where they rammed the tube in. I’m having a great time recovering 🤦🏻‍♀️

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Endos in reply to Flossy13

Oh bless you. Yes lip issues and throat issues seem to go hand in hand with surgery. I hope you feel a bit better tomorrow. Try and rest x

Sorry to hear you had such a rubbish time. It might be that you had a different anesthetist, or they have been a bit more rough when they put the tube down. I had non-endo surgery in November and my throat bothered me for a while too. In terms of feeling unwell, they might have used a different anaesthetic or given/not given the same drugs as the previous time. I’ve found all mine to be different.

If you don’t mind me asking, what made the doctor decide to do another lap? Did they find more endo? The reason I’m asking is because my symptoms have started to come back 8 months post op and my doctor doesn’t want to do surgery because I don’t think he’s convinced my symptoms are caused by Endometriosis.

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Flossy13 in reply to Lycec

The nurse did say they may have used a different anaesthetic. My throat feels a bit better today and I’m able to swallow easier. I honestly dread to think what being hit by a double decker bus feels like because this hurts. I feel like I’ve got broken ribs. I can’t even lean back let alone lay down. Sleeping is not really a thing at the moment. 🙄

I had damage to my Fallopian tube which cut the blood supply off to my ovary. In my first laparoscopy I had a streak ovary but 5-6 months later when they did my surgery on Friday they found my ovary had now completely disappeared so they removed the Fallopian tube as it was swollen, twisted and filled with fluid.

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Lycec in reply to Flossy13

That sounds awful, your poor thing. I hope your recovery goes smoothly from here on out.

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Flossy13 in reply to Lycec

Thank you. I hope you feel better soon too and get to the bottom of your problems.

Hey just read your story and hope you are feeling much better?

I get my lap tomorrow

#nervous x

Good luck sweet. Hope all goes well for you tomorrow.

Thanks my dear x

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