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I had my laparoscopy yesterday and luckily this time not sent home. I was first which was brilliant cause I was so nervous. After wards the registra cane to see me she said I had cysts removed as expected. I did have endometriosis which was burnt away I also had "kissing Overys" and it was all stuck together!

I'm now home as long as I don't move my stomach is ok. To walk as advised to shift wind is doeable but I stoop and moan πŸ˜‚ lol. Getting in and out of bed to wee is a challenge I not needed pain relief yet but think as just now getting into bed was v unpleasant I will hit pain relief in the morning!

I have to say I never heard of Kissing overies b4, has any one had this experience b4 with endometriosis stuck to them?

im off now for just over two wks and wondering if that going to b long enough. I know only just had laparoscopy and it will take time I just hoping that be enough time.

Any one had similar experience be glad to hear from you 😊

Tracey x

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Hi Tracey,

I had similar to you although not kissing ovaries although I have heard of it. I was off just over two weeks but to be honest I could have done with a couple more. Everyone heals at a different pace and once the initial discomfort is over - mine was the wind rather than any pain from surgery - the fatigue is what hit me hardest. Probably effects from anaesthetic but also they do pull you about a bit! I would just take it one day at a time and if you need more time after two weeks take it. I'm a year post op this month and whilst I still suffer from period pain every month at least I don't have it every day like I did before. Good luck and wishing you a speedy recovery!! x

I agree mine was still painful in week 2 so I got an anti inflammatory. I went back to work after 3 1/2 weeks but could probably have done with an extra week. It's now 5 weeks after my opp and still have twinges and am tiered but so much better than before. Also they said your period goes back to normal after your first one but my second period came 2 weeks early. When I have spoken to people on here they have said it can take a few months for that to get back to normal xx

Hi mrs m shizze dizzle

Thanks for info I prob will take another week. But I will need to return week 4. I have to see how it goes I suppose. After I go back wk 4 if inpain the way, I work I can b off the following wk if need be.

I keep getting twinges in dressing sites which I know normal. But made worse by needing a wee and still bleeding a bit. I don't know if from tale end of period or from laparoscopy yesterday. And how many days to expect that, still if I get too worried I can ring the ward. I suppose some bleeding normal.

In my next life I def opting to be a man lol πŸ˜‚

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Hi Nix123

Thank you for your reply can I ask did you still need for a few days after?

I was on my period well yesterday and it was due to stop. But when I do pass urine and then on tissue is blood. I'm assuming that's normal but they never actually said I would bleed only said about the wind side of things. And when I need to pass urine I fill bursting had that b4 laparoscopy. and have that now and the pressure on my stomach is very uncomfortable and makes walking v hard in current situation.

I will see how it goes my mum thinks I need longer as well. i see how it goes next wk I been awake since 2am couldn't sleep after using the toilet. Getting back into bed was an experience lol!

I'm finding every thing so low down the bed and toilet inparticular. Chairs not so bad as can sit on pillows.

I'm hoping it won't come back the endometriosis I mean, the registra didn't really answer that when I asked said to see Mr Guptur in two months to find out more!

I'm 42 now and had heavy periods since I was 11. They did slow down a bit on the pill. Then I did the unsuccessful fertility treatment but didn't know I had endometriosis or perhaps I got that later.

I had the laparoscopy initially planned as my periods stopped for about three months. Then when right cyst burst the bleeding started again and v v heavy flooding as before. I'm not allowed the pill as my BP went up with my weight gain. So an end to heavy periods was not in sight. The registra did say they want to see how my next two periods are before I go back to see him.she said I should have less pain I hoping it will be less bleeding. I flood badly and I avoid working nights at the beginning of my cycle. But sadly lately my cycle all over the place so planning isn't easy and they had been heavy for about seven days! Or if unlucky five days and I think oh it's stopped. Then it returns a day later so I hoping as I was all stuck together (registra words), and now unstuck I hoping things will be better.well once I recover from this.

Thanks again for replying

Hope your keeping well

Tracey 😊

Hi Nix 123

Typo ment did u bleed a few days after.

Hiya, I had my period a couple of days before I had the op so I did bleed after I think but didn't think much of it. I think it's quite normal. I remember I felt very uncomfortable for about a week afterwards both passing urine and I was constipated for days afterwards so drink lots! My periods went back to normal quite quickly although I think they were quite heavy for the first couple of months. I was 44 when I had my op and apart from a couple of months since when they went a bit haywire (stress, age, who knows?) they have been better. I had the op as I had terrible ovulation pain for years and I can't go on the pill either as it makes me depressed. That pain has def stopped and as I said I don't have pain all month now thankfully. I think realistically it takes a few months to fully recover and to feel the full effects! Rest, take it easy, and look after yourself :) xx

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Thank you so much for reply. I have took ibuprofen as I having twinges from dressing sites. So hopefully that help I just make a grumpy patient lol πŸ˜‚

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I was quite miserable for a few days but anaesthetics don't really agree with me and it took a while to get out of my system. Once I stopped feeling queasy and the wind moved(!) I felt miles better. I just watched TV, read and sat in the garden :) Enjoy the rest! x

Hope you're feeling a little better today. Just wanted to say don't try to be brave take the painkillers regularly for the first few days just to keep on top of the pain. Paracetemol every four hours, you can also take ibuprofen and codeine (if they gave you some). I would stick with the paracetemol and ibuprofen if you can manage with that to avoid constipation.

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Hi tmc 182

I have took ibuprofen not long ago as i had to give in. I wouldn't say I in agony but there is pain as I mentioned before.

My dressing sites are twinging now so I have sat back down. They said keep moving as wind pain but so far not so much of that. I now feel a drawing down below.

I'm now watching chic flicks lol

Thanks for replying to me x


Hi Tracey,

I hope you are recovering well.

I had 2 laparoscopies last year due to a 10cm endometrioma and endometriosis on other structures. I too had 'kissing ovaries'. My ovaries were almost touching eachother because of the endometriosis between them and stuck behind the uterus.

I bled for at least a couple of days after. They didn't manage to remove it all.

Take care of yourself!


Hi andromedae9

Thank you for replying I had never heard of kissing overies before but mine like yours were close together. Or so the registra told me I didn't ask many questions afterwards. I was so plsed it was over but I did enquire about the endometriosis all she said was it was all stuck around the kissing overies both sides. More than they had seen on CT scan.

I am hoping they got it all but will have to wait and see.

What will happen to you ?

Will u have to go in and have more treatments?

I'm new to all this not the heavy periods that is not new lol nor is the cysts. But cysts causing problems is new and why replying to u I have pain twinges by my belly button and shirt sharp pains down my lady bits.

Did u have any of that it doesn't feel like wind pain?

Maybe I am just worrying to much .

Thank u for replying really helps me.


Hi Tracey,

The only reason they call it 'kissing' ovaries is that the ovaries are so close to eachother they could be 'kissing' eachother. Silly name for it really when it's because of adhesions.

I had lots of pain in all sorts of places around my stomach. They poke around quite a lot during the procedure so I suppose all sorts of pain might occur. I remember I had terrible shoulder pain for days and days.

Ask your consultant for an operation summary.

We were in the middle of IVF treatment when they discovered a 5cm endometrioma that grew rapidly to 10cm. Never new that I had endo apart from painful and heavy periods.

They removed enough endometriosis for us to carry on with IVF but during my last scan just last week they noticed some more cysts so the endo is not gone.

I don't know if I will go in for more treatment as I'm currently not in pain. Fingers crossed I won't need to.

It's normal to worry after a procedure like this. Try to rest, drink plenty of water and use painkillers if you need to.


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