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Dealing with Endo

Hello, my names Liberty. I'm 18 and a year ago, i had my first Laparoscopy to diagnose Endometriosis. I had had a sharp pain in my lower right abdomen for about 2 years and for ages everyone was waiting for my appendix to burst. My periods started to become obviously irregualr, as i hadn't been able to tell before as I only started my period age 13, so we went to see a adolescent specialist in Endometriosis. They wasted no time and i had a laparoscopy booked for 2 weeks after. They weren't expecting it to be as bad as it was, as i was only 17, but i had adhesions and cycts and endo all over the place. They removed all of it but the pain didn't seem to go away. They had another look inside 6 months later and saw nothing but put the Mirena Coil in to see if it would help. The Coil has helped a lot, my periods stopped and i was mostly pain free from August 2016 - February 2017. The pain has come back and its so frequent and bad sometimes i can't walk. I'm about to sit my A Levels and then go on to do a diploma but its realky tricky to balance when i have flare-up days. We went to see a Dr who said it can't be Endometriosis because of the Coil, and is putting the right sided pain due to my bowel. We're waiting to hear the MRI results. It says that the coil makes cysts 3x more likely, and it might be cysts that are growing and bursting and causing the pain at the moment (It really hurts and gets worse for about a week and then goes for a few days). I think they would just take the coil out if its causing more cysts than before but then the endo may come back. I was just wondering if the Endo can come back with the Coil and whether we should push for another laparoscopy because the sooner this is sorted the better as my Exams start in June. Thank you, Liberty x

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