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Palpitations with endo possible symptom?

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Hi so this may seem a bit strange but wanted to know if any one has had similar symptoms to me.

So basically I was diagnosed with endometriosis last November during a laparoscopy to remove suspected cyst which turned out to be a large endometrioma. I never knew or suspected I had endo at all because my pain didn’t seem severe or no heavy periods intact mine have always been light & short cycles .

Over 10 years ago I started having heart palpitations every day only lasting a few seconds they were there all throughout the days randomly at any time , I have been under a cardiologist since then having all tests & regular check ups ( all fine heart wise ) but since I’ve found out I have endo I’m wondering if this could be the actual cause , I have noticed over the past 6 years since stopping taking the pill that the palpitations get worse & more frequently during ovulation & before period starts . I suffer from tiredness aswell & after reading a lot about symptoms endo causes fatigue I’m wondering if this could be related , my gynaecologist at the time of op didn’t agree with me but wondering if any one has suffered palpitations like this.

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Yes I've been having heart palpitations investigated it all started when my endo symptoms started I also noticed a link when I eat dark chocolate they are more frequent I started eating dark as it's supposed to be better for endo sufferers but hey ho that could also be the caffeine content what comes with it ive had ecgs blood tests and now 2 day heart tape on the way.mine come regularly sometimes they can go for a bit and come back I found a link also being run up to my period no tests have found anything yet though and doctors haven't said it's linked but I don't expect them to as not everyone knows much About endo.I'd also point out I'm pregnant now Which can increase palpitations I read so I just don't know how I will be post pregnancy I feel it will happen again run up to period also have episodes where I can't breathe if I try to run etc it's very frustrating not having answers and worried ABout endo on the chest area ( poster to reply only)

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butterfliez in reply to Afrohair

Ahh that’s interesting that you have this also , I suddenly wondered if the endo was causing this because our bodies get exhausted constantly trying to fight off the inflammation of endo which in turn causes fatigue ( a symptom of fatigue can be palpitations) especially during hormone changes like period & ovulation so I think it’s definitely linked ,

I’ve had so many heart tests over the years all coming up fine the specialist detected the frequent palpitations but couldn’t give a cause for them.

I notice them more so when I’m tired & haven’t slept well.

I hope your pregnancy is going well & your feeling ok with it all x

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I have them a lot and I'm worried the docs won't find anything but I will think if I don't get answers that I may have to see an endo specialist and ask about endo on the chest as I've heard it's possible.It's slightly worrying as I've been to a and e a few times but nothing flags my g.p said I should start going when the palpitations are frequent.

ASI said I found chocolate dark made it worse to the point they lasted all day I won't do that again without thinking docs told me to sustain and it has calmed but I still have odd one.

Mine can go and come back with a vengeance.

I do get fatigue not sure if it's pregnancy though so I probably won't figure much out till I have periods again but tbh I don't want them they have a big impact on my life like not being able to breathe properly sometimes I can't do thinks properly like talking Long sentence or reading ,running without taking deep breath I heard someone on here had the same issue she had surgery and said she felt better so who knows I don't know what surgery she had.i don't even know if I'm ready for surgery my endo came on suddenly one minute I was living a happy life the next I couldn't walk my life went down hill but I've got this blessing now a baby I tried to fight endo for this baby I had a misscarrige last year and I changed my diet it helped But I still ended up bleeding out my bowl and endo got worse each period I got this blessing out of it but I'd hate for it to ruin rest of my life

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butterfliez in reply to Afrohair

Yes i can relate you feel out of breathe etc. I don’t think I have endo on the chest though because I’ve had mri & chest X-rays & nothing shown up . I feel the palpitations may be related to the body fighting the endo ,

As you have mentioned about pregnancy this is meant to help with endo symptoms so see if your palpitations have eased a little but then again pregnancy may make them worse .

I find that sweet stuff & alchol / caffeine make palpitations worse for me & especially worse if I don’t sleep.

Try not to worry too much about all this because you have your pregnancy to deal with I’m glad that’s worked out for you after your miscarriage, a blessing .

I’m currently awaiting second ivf to begin ttc for 6 years now . Hopefully we will get there in the end.

Endometriosis definitely hits you for six x

This is so interesting! I've suffered from both suspected endo and heart palpitations for the last four or five years but never once suspected they were linked, despite trips to the hospital for both initially. I've been taking the combined contraceptive pill for the suspected endo (though have not had an official diagnosis) which has controlled that side of things. I still get the heart palpitations daily, though only for a few seconds, and have also done two ECG tests which both came back normal.

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butterfliez in reply to HCWO

Hi it’s definitely something to think about isn’t it , I was curious to see if any one else had these too. When I was taking the combined pill for 12 years I had the palpitations also , they took me off that & gave me the mini pill for a few years it didn’t change the palpitations side of things ,

but like I mentioned in my earlier post since being off the pill I noticed them frequently during ovulation & before / during my period ( which would make sense if it’s linked to endo as our hormones increase/ decrease & our bodies get exhausted trying to fight off the endo inflammation causing fatigue & in turn causing palpitations, I notice I get them worse if I’ve had a bad nights sleep too.

That’s just my theory anyway x

Hey, I have severe endo and get palpitations too. There are studies that have found endo increases our chance of heart issues versus women who don't have endometriosis. No need to worry, but worth keeping stress levels down and looking after yourself (exercise and diet).

They found that women with endo have higher cholesterol and more chance of having heart problems.

The other thing is some women find that they have worse anxiety in the run up to their period and a physical symptoms of that is palpitations.

No need to be concerned, there are many techniques you can use that might help such as meditation. If that doesn't work than acceptance is important, its only a symptom and it won't hurt you. This book is great explanation of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy: The Happiness Trap by Russ Harris. Its very effective if you practise the techniques regularly. I can now sleep through 7/10 pain thanks to the techniques in that book.

Take care

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butterfliez in reply to TennisAM

Ahh thanks for your reply I will take a look , good to know others experience the same thing, I have kind of got used to the palpitations now as they have been going on for many years , At the start I did have medication for them but I decided it wasn’t worth being on them especially whilst ttc. X

Hi there, I've had a hysterectomy this year but 10 years ago was the worst time in my life periods wise, due to endo but I didn't know what it was at the time. I often had palpitations, possibly not helped by drinking too much caffeine but when I read up on it, they can be caused by hormonal changes. So I think you're right. Mine didn't happen every day though, mainly around the run up to my period. Not sure if it was because of the endo but in my case there did seem to be a link. Hope that helps

Thanks! yes I’m thinking the same thing hormonal changes seem to be the time when mine are more noticeable good to have an idea of what is actually causing them after so many years x

Hello. Me too. Changing estrogen levels can set off heart palpitations. Women can also experience palpitations during other times when hormone levels shift, like during their period or in pregnancy. Palpitations in menopause often happen during hot flushes, that’s what I’m putting mine down to, but then I’m 50 in February and have suffered with endo all my life. 💜

Hi there Ahh yes I was on the prostap injections throughout the year for my endo which puts you in a temporary menopause & I noticed during the hot flushes that my palpitations were present too. X

Hello, I had my first palpitations three day ago, it was my first day of period. I had laparoscopy 4 weeks ago, removed uterus fibroid, I didn't have endo. I think I need to do some hormone test.

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