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Bicornuate Uterus & Possible Endo

Finally saw a Gyno after 8+ years of trips to my GP & A&E to finally be told I have a bicornuate uterus and possible endo, im currently waiting on a date for a diagnostic lap.

I had my pre opp yesterday after 3 weeks waiting.

Does anybody else have a bicornuate (heart shaped) uterus? Im happy to finally be getting some answers but also cant find out much info about this.

Im feeling very alone and impatient.

Thank you in advance.


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Hi I have been told I have a bicornate uterus I was led to believe it's only identifiable when you're pregnant since I'm not that can't be true. It doesn't really impact on anything it's just an odd shape supposed to be present from birth. It's funny that it's only ever been mentioned to me in last couple of years my gynae when I had my lap many years ago never said. I just had a MRI I'm wondering if my odd shaped uterus is connected to my endo & adhesions? I get my results on Thurs so will see what they feel by odd shaped uterus is about?

The bicornate uterus is really nothing to be concerned about but until you have your lap I guess you won't really know that is exactly what it is. X



I have a bicornate uterus, which was diagnosed during an ultrasound.

The only thing it really can effect is pregnancy. People with bicornate uterus's can have a slightly increased chance of miscarriage and preterm birth. However, it depends on extent of the dip.

I have had one child (who was full term) and I am pregnant again.

D x


Hello darling, please know you are not alone. I am going through the motions of diagnosing endometriosis and I got told 2 weeks ago that I have a bicornuate uterus as well. It's not nice to be making a list of complications before I've even started trying for a baby but what can we do.... I'm 35 which doesn't make anything better, so there you have it. Just know that there's love and support here. Try not to stress and please let me know how you get on.

Lots of love,

Ella xxx


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