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Run down months after excision surgery

Hi this is my first post so bare with me.

I had extensive excision surgery at the end of July. It was quite traumatic as I had a few complications and an post-op related infection 5 weeks after. But any virus, bug, cold that has been going around since then I’ve got it. Before the surgery, I’d suffer everyday with endo symptoms but I’d rarely get any common illness but now seems like it’s never ending. I’m constantly tired and quite frankly fed up. I thought after surgery I would feel 100 times better but that’s not the case at the minute. I’ve had to have a couple of days off work (today being one of them) and I can’t help but feel judged and not believed by my manager, which is upsetting and frustrating as I want to feel ‘normal’ so much!

I was just wondering if anyone had any advice/tips/suggestions?

Thanks in advance x

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I am in the same boat - I had a hysterectomy + BSO with excision in March. I got a post op infection in the vaginal wound which led to a massive bleed (lost a litre of blood) 2 weeks after surgery, and poor hospital treatment of this then led to a bladder infection. I have now basically been ill with one thing after another since August and I am completely fed up. At the moment I've got a cold, again. :/

I'm trying vitamins and to eat as well as possible but can't really offer more advice than that, just wanted to say I feel your pain!


The struggle is real. I do try and eat really well. I take vitamins now and again so might help being a bit more consistent with them. Thank you for your support x

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I haven’t had an hysterectomy.......yet. But you did answer a question I was wondering. If surgery would help stop the pain from endometriosis. But I see now that I would probably experience a lot more problems.


Take lots of vitamin c. this is really important every day to strengthen your immune system. for a weakened immune system you can take up to 3000mg per day.

Hope you get on top of it.


Hello. Huge hugs. You're not alone, I have had a very similar story. Extensive surgery in mid July followed 4 days later by a week in hospital with viral meningitis, much of it in the hdu, then I got nerve pain, then I developed reflux esophagitis /GERD . It's only my second week back in work on a part time phased return. GERD has been the straw that broke the camels back and I've developed depression over my lack of recovery.

My only suggestion is that a lot of immune system is supported by the gut so it may be worth looking at a course of stronger probiotics to help restore gut flora, and or kimchi, kefir, kombucha and the like as surgery and drugs seems to affect it a lot. My nutritionist has me on a well researched type called rhamnosus GG which is meant to aid the immune system. Its a good idea to get professional advice before taking a supplement though just like any medicine. I checked with my GP.



Great suggestion :) I have a Doctors appointment next week so I’ll bring it up with them. Thanks Starry


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