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Pain in chest when on period

Hi all,

I've noticed over the past couple of periods I get a sharp pain high up on the left side of my chest. It's starts off with shooting pains that can make me quite breathless and then a few days later I get a feeling like muscle strain but, as soon as my period finishes it completely disappears.

Could this be related to endo?


Jade x

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It can be completely related to endo!

People often mention pain in the shoulder and arms, but I've heard about chest pains too.

Maybe check this website out?




Thanks for your reply 😊. I have read through this and it sounds exactly like what I have without the shoulder and arm pain.

My only query is now whether to go to my GP and tell them about it as it doesn't sound like there is much they can do it for it anyway and I don't fancy having more surgery.


I'd definitely go to the GP, tell them what they think it is and ask their opinion. It may be something else and it may be that! But the doctor will know the best way to go forward.


Please go to doctor I had these pains on and off over the years and now I'm fighting for diagnosis, I Am in pain nearly everyday. I would also keep a diary of any symptoms . I never worried to much but wish I had earlier .


Hi do you mind me asking why you recommend going to the doctor? Has yours been diagnosed as anything now. I’m having similar symptoms and nobody takes me seriously.


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