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Young and desperate for answers!


Hi everyone, I'm 17 and looking for answers and I thought someone on here might be able to help.

I've had my period for 7 years now so I know my body and cycle pretty well. I started taking the Lucette pill around July 2014 due to extreme period pain (vomiting, days off school etc.)

Over the last few months my periods have been unusually heavy and painful, lasting between 8-10 days. Then, after my period in March, I never stopped bleeding but was lighter than a regular period. So I went to see the doctors and they switched me to the Rigevidon pill but there was no change. Now, since Wednesday I have had the worst pains including some sort of bowel spasms leaving me unable to sit, walk or even talk and also pain in my left leg and left side of my back.

(I also have extreme pain during and after sex and also different bleeding after sex)

I have an appointment tomorrow for a pill checkup but I was wondering if I should push my Dr to look further into what this could be eg. endometriosis

I know its a very serious illness and I don't want to jump to conclusions so I was wondering if anyone on here could offer me your thoughts, advice etc. on what this could be and how I can cope with it as normal painkillers (paracetamol, ibuprofen etc.) haven't been helping.

Sorry for the long post, and thanks in advance. Roisin x

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Dear Roisin

I am sure you will get lots of replies and support. I would say based on your list of symptoms you should definitely ask your GP to be referred to a specialist and to discuss endometriosis. I believe Endometriosis UK may have a support number you could call for advice. In the meantime as you wait for your referral I would recommend you keep a pain and symptom diary. The more information you have and the more research you do before your visit will get you the best treatment. This is also a great site to look for help. Good luck!!

RoisinR in reply to silversun

Thank you, the diary is a great idea.

Janine33 in reply to RoisinR

If you print the symptoms list on Endometriosis UK you could take the list to your doctor with the symptoms you have ticked. That will be a very visual prompt to your doctor of how many of the symptoms you are suffering from. I sometimes think this is more effective than just describing symptoms xxx

Hi Roisin, I'm going along near enough timeline as you at the moment. I only just went to the doctors about my severe period crampings to the point it cuts off the feeling to my legs and have to sit down. I am also 17 years old and felt so vulnerable when I went to explain my symptoms to a doctor.

I am the same as you when it comes to knowing your body and I think everyone is too. With knowing your body and knowing something is definitely not right.

My usual doctor was full at the time I needed an appointment so I went to a different one and he has gotten me an appointment for an ultrasound scan because he suspects Endometriosis. I joined this forum in order to seek advice and more information, since asking more and more questions everyone has been amazing!

I wouldn't mention to the doctor you think it could be endo, I'd just say the symptoms you are having etc and say you demand help and keep pushing for answers etc. They're there to help you and at the end of the day if they cannot do that then I'd look for different solutions. I have been to the doctors and A&E multiple times due to the pain and back pain however they have only given me codeine.

You may feel like no one is listening but we are all here to help! Keep us updated!!!!

And good luck! X Louise X

Thank you for all your helpful comments, I've been referred to see a gynaecologist so hopefully I will see progress from there.

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