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I am shailaja. Undergone laproscopic surgery as i have 7 cysts in both ovaries. Next month after surgery took place cysts started growing in both ovaries currently they are in size of 4cms and above. My amh report showed result of low fertility. Doctors said there is no chance of getting pregnancy. Just after three months if my marriage i surgery took place since then i am just taking treatments but there us no use. Its almost more than two years now. Are there any chance of getting pregnancy? Atleast is there any chance of carrying a baby in my womb? Does cysts burst? I face lot of pain with this cysts all the time.

Doctors advised for removal for uterus and ovaries. I am 30years old can i go for this surgery? Will there be any complexions in future? Does it affect my sexual life?

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Sorry to hear your going through such a difficult time. I cannot answer all your questions but i think they are questions to ask your consultant as they will be able to give you the best advise on what to expect before and after your surgury and whether or not pregnacy is possible. Try writing down all your questions before your next appointment then u dont forget on the day i find this works for me. Many women on here have been told they may not be able to have children and gone on to have healthy pregnancys. Cysts can burst which can be very painful. How are you managing your pain? I hope everything goes well for you.

Annie x



Thanks for the reply. I am just going crazy with all these questions. There's no hope of having children in my case as ovaries are covered with blood clots. Even when my doctor tried for iui the eggs were not rupturing even after taking several injections. I am just hoping for the best.


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