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Endometriosis & the marina coil

Hi 👋

I'm forever reading posts but never posted myself.

I was diagnosed with endometriosis around 4 months ago, having suffering with it for years. I was advised that the best form of "treatment" was to have the marina coil fitted, as this was the best thing for it.

I already had the copper coil in and had done so for 3 years, anyway today I finally bit the bullet and had the copper coil removed and the marina fitted (not one for moaning or no stranger to internal examinations this was very painful, felt very sick with cramps for around 3 hours, all pain relieved up now though so not too bad)

The reason it has taken me 3 months to finally have the marina is because over the past 10 years my body has tried most forms of contraception menthods and it does not respond well to hormones (very bad mood swings, paranoia, depression) which is something I do not struggle with whilst being hormone free.

I just wanted to hear about people who have been in a similar situation, and hear your experiences.

Thank you for reading and I would greatly appreciate your replies😊

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Hello :) I had a good time on the mirena coil but that only lasted several months as soon as my periods stopped I and everyone around me had a awful time with hormone moods etc, though I am really sensitive to hormones nothing agrees with. I also formed new pain while I was on the coil. That being said, everyone is different. Good luck on it and I hope it works out for you.


Thank you very much for your response.

Oh no that sounds awful, sorry to hear that!

What did you end up doing after you had enough of the mood swings? How are you now?


I pulled my coil out in August last year and felt great after a few weeks but now the periods are back and so is the pain plus the extra pain I formed while on the coil, actually made me wonder if my endo kept growing while on it. But right now I'm good, waiting on surgery under a endo specialist so hopefully they can do something for me.


I'm on my third mirena. Really works for me and so glad i tried it. I have lighter more manageable periods and it stops the lining of my womb getting thick and shedding in big clots. I have a couple of huge fibroids too which add to the misery but even those are kept in check.

It's a big thumbs up from me.

If you search the forum you'll find more negative than positive stories but i believe there are just as many positive stories but people rarely share their stories if they've had success with Mirena.

Definitely worth trying but give it up to six months to settle down.

Mirena product website is very good for more information.

Hope you find a treatment that works for you 😊


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