The marina coil

Hi just want to no I had the Marina coil fitted two weeks a go do to have problems with my periods and the doctor said it would be best to try this but I am still bleeding and I was told it would be like this for 3 to 6 months just want to no dos it settle down in the end and stop and is it Worth persevering with this can any one give me some advice As it all no to me I am 51 years old thanks if you can

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  • Hi jean. Ive tried merina coil for heavy periods i also have endometriosis. I had it for 7 weeks but couldnt stand it any longer. I didnt stop bleeding all the while i had it in and had bad stomach cramps. Obviously everyone is different and if youre not bleeding heavily id give it a go. It just didnt work for me.

  • Hi thanks for getting back to me the bleeding is not heavy it just light it just comes and goes but I got a check up on the 8 of September so if I am still bleeding then I will see what the doctor says I will give it a bit longer if I can as the doctor did say I will solve all my problems in the end I do hope so as I can not keep going on like this as it gets me down .

  • I was all for it ive tried loads of things im now on the prostap injections which hooefully will do the trick. Im 46 by the way and had no signs of menopause at all. I was told the merina could stop periods altogether which it has done for one of my friends. Id wait for your check up and have a chat with your Dr. Its all down to personal choice as well ifbthe bleedding doesnt stop have it taken out. Within a couple of days id stopped bleeding. Let me know how you get on.

  • Hi, Sorry to hear you are having problems with it. I think you need to give it some time. I'm on my fourth Mirena and it did indeed take 3-6 months to settle initially. I found it was well worth it in the end.

  • Hi thanks for that I will give it 6 months and then go from there as I was told it would Solve all my problems I do hope it will in the end 😊

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