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Heavy Bleeding with Mirena Coil and Prostap Injection, what gives?

Hi, just thought I would sign up. Feeling lost really. I have suffered from heavy periods which worsened as I have got older. After meds to reduce bleeding didn't work, my GP suggested to have a Mirena coil fitted, it was too painful so the procedure was abandoned to I was booked in for a hysteroscopy. Three moths before I was given a Prostap Injection which worked a treat. I had the D&C and the coil fitted September last year. Since then I haven't stopped bleeding, in fact, they are even heavier. After going back and to with the doctors I finally got another Prostap injection. This hasn't worked either I have more bleeding more pain, I am down for another operation an Endometrial resection. I don't know how long I have to wait. Has anyone experienced this and what has worked? I want a hysterectomy, but with the costs and the only thing wrong is my periods the consultant won't do it, I had to push to get the Endometrial resection. How can two supposedly methods of reducing or stopping bleeding is making it worse? Any advice is much appreciated. Thank you

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Hi, I've been having prostap injections as well and I have debilitating lower back pain but no bleeding So I. guess they must not always work 100%?

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