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Post lap stabby pain

Hi everyone,

Had my second lap on Tuesday - not great news, more endo found on pelvic wall and ureter, so need more invasive surgery to remove. They couldn't do anything on Tuesday because of the findings but they did insert the coil like they said they would. It's not 4 days later and the anaesthetic has worn off and I no longer feel 'foggy minded' and achey, but I am having serious stabbing pains in my lower abdomen and right side. There are still sings of bleeding like they said, but it's now a very pale pink mucus (sorry!!). I'm really concerned about the pain - I'm not sure if I've had it all week and it's been numbed by co-codamol and the like or if it's new today.

They said on discharge that if I experience more pain then it's back to A&E, but I don't want to go and spend 4 hours to be told that it's supposed to be like this.

Has anyone else been in this position after lap? I'm just concerned there's a lot of pain when all they did during surgery was insert the coil.

Thanks lovelies!

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I had a lot of pain and few days after I had a lap u rang shrop doc which is an out of hours go service and they gave me an injection to help make me more conformable then went my own gp the next day and I had an infection. You should get it checked out and if the pain is bad try and see someone tonight.


Thank you


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